Lena the plug – an American social network personality, fitness fan, creator of premium content on SnapChat and YouTuber She is known for sharing buttock workout videos, blogs, fitness classes, QnA videos, lifestyle blogs, reactions, jokes and viral conversations, etc..

Lena’s popularity is due to the fact that she projects a bold image and her dirty and spicy videos. Description Come for the loot, stay for my irresistible charm, because their YouTube channel is an example of this great whole.

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Early childhood and education

Lena Stepsel was born Lena Nersisyan on the 1st. Born July 1991 in Glendale, California, USA. His parents are of Armenian descent and are very conservative Christians.

She completed her education in 2009. She then went to the University of California in Santa Cruz and graduated with a degree in psychology in 2013. During her studies she spent a year as an exchange student at the Swedish University of Lund. When she was in Sweden, she worked as a nanny and personal assistant to make money. Lena really enjoyed her stay in Sweden, especially the local cuisine.

After graduation, Lene was offered a doctoral degree in psychology at the University of Southern California. However, she refused because the course was unavailable.


After graduating from university, Lena worked as a super driver and service employee in a grocery store. She then worked for a social media company, which offered her the many possibilities of social media platforms. Later she started uploading race videos to Snapchat and Instagram.

Currently, Lena has made her nude photos, videos of her participation in various joint activities and other quality VIP videos available on Snapchat. She’s asking about 30 bucks for that.

In the beginning, Lena had a lot of problems with her Instagram account. It was constantly noticed and reported on its vulgar content. She had to keep fighting to keep her Instagram account online. It currently has a million followers.

Lena joined YouTube in August 2016. She started with blogs about fitness, relationship advice, personal life, conversations with friends, etc. She also started writing about her own personal life. In the beginning she didn’t have many followers. In January 2017, she posted a video on YouTube in which she said she would post an s**cassette with her boyfriend if the audience both reached the goal of one million subscribers. Within a few months her boyfriend’s subscriber base grew exponentially and soon reached a million subscribers.

When the audience started asking Lena to broadcast the s*x-band, she broadcast the video on the grounds that she didn’t want to broadcast it. She also said that there are a lot of leaks in her s*x videotapes on the internet and all fans have to do is look for them. She also asked fans who had subscribed to her s*x channel to unsubscribe.

Currently, Lena has more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. Your video has been clicked more than 65 million times and the best video has been viewed more than 15 million times. It is rated as B YouTuber and occupies approximately 4,969 positions on the YouTuber list with the highest number of subscribers.

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Personal life and trivia

  • Lena is currently having an affair with YouTube Adam’s grandmother. His channel is called No Jumping. He owns a BMX store and clothing line in Los Angeles, California. He also created a BMX website called The Come Up.
  • Lena and Adam have an open relationship.
  • Lena was supposed to meet a girl while she was studying.
  • She’s 5’10”. His hobby is writing poetry, reading and listening to podcasts.
  • Lena Fork is active on Instagram and has 1.7 million followers. Check it out – https://www.instagram.com/lenatheplug/?hl=en.


Lena Stepsel is Adam's girlfriend.

Lena Stepsel’s boyfriend, Adam.

Lena Wilk – Pictures

Lena Plug – Net Assets, Profit

There’s not much information about Lena’s assets. In 2018 it is expected to be around $1 million. Revenue from YouTube videos and other sources such as sponsored content, event speeches, brand partnerships, support, paid content, etc. is estimated to be between $14,000 and $222,000.

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