Rico DeWilde is a true star, survivor, collector and prodigious Indian hunter. He is the newest member of the cast of BBC Worldwide’s Life Below Zero television series on National Geographic. This is a documentary television series that shows the daily and seasonal life of hunters. Do you also describe their lifestyle and diet in remote areas of Alaska?

Rico DeWild Bio: Date of birth, age

There’s no information available about Rico DeWilde’s birth date. But if you look at the way he looks, he looks like he’s 45 or 46 years old.

Rico DeWild Lifestyle

He grew up in the small village of North Fork, near Hoosilia, Alaska, with a traditional lifestyle and harsh winters. He and his siblings grew up under the influence of India. They drew water from the frozen river, and for food they gathered vegetables, fattened moose and bears from the land. His family had no knowledge of or contact with modern civilization. Their house was like a base camp and they were homeschooling. Their father thought they should master all survival skills, including hunting, gathering and trapping. Their life is very different from that of modern civilization; you could say that their family is not modern.

Rico DeWild parents and siblings

Rico’s father is named Lloyd and his mother is named Amelia. He’s the 11th. Child of a total of 14 children in the family. No additional information on his siblings.

Rico DeWild Education Details

Ricco never went to school. They were at home, at school and grew up in camps. His father trained him.

Rico DeWild Skills

Ricco went to his home school and has survival skills for hunting, gathering and trapping in extreme weather conditions and a very hard life.

Last name Rico DeWild

Rico DeWilde’s last name is DeWilde.

Ethnicity of Rico DeWild

Rico DeWilde is of Indian-American descent, through his parents.

Rico DeWild’s Wedding Details

Of course, the hunter then married a beautiful woman named Rona Went. He loves his wife very much. But there is no information about his wife and his marriage. Their married life is very happy and romantic with their five children.

Rico DeWild kids

Rico DeWilde has 5 children, 3 daughters Simone, Scarlett and Maya and 2 sons Skyler and Keane. Ricco is a good father and a good hunter. Just like Ricco’s father trained him, Ricco trains his children. His children are very impressed and happy with their father’s popularity.

Rico DeWild Career Reality Star

Ricco Dewild is the newest member of the cast of Life Below Zero in season 11. The show began in 2013 and will celebrate its 100th season. Close out the season. Ricco DeWilde impressed in this show with his talent and hunting skills. This show opened the door to fame, success and money.

Rico DeWilde arrested

Rico DeWilde was also a prisoner. As a result, he was sentenced to two years in prison for possession of cocaine. It was a bad experience for Rico’s life. After prison he left some drugs behind. According to Rico, it lasted 15 years and the accident put a new spin on his life. Once he stopped taking the drugs, he felt much better. It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman, but here it seems that behind every successful man there is an accident.

Rico DeWilde Net cost

Ricco Dewild has a net worth of approximately $150,000. Revenue comes from the television series Life Below Zero. He is satisfied with his pure earnings and leads a happy life with his wife and children. It is not the end of his wealth, he is working hard to increase his net worth.
The house and car of Rico DeWilde: No information on Ricco’s home and car, but keep an eye on him once he’s loaded.

Rico DeWild Social Media Presence

Ricco DeWild is very active on social media, he is on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram with millions of his followers, he also has an official page for his clothing company. His page has millions of followers and views.


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