Birthday of Lilipichu – 20. November 1991, American streamer Twitch, YouTuber, vocal actor and musician. When she released the song I’ll Quit LoL on her YouTube channel in 2011, Lily gained popularity. Lilypichu uploads animations, piano covers, blogs and songs to her YouTube channel, and her Twitch feed includes IRL content, art, the League of Legends and music. She now starts uploading videos on her second channel called LilyRaichu.

Lilipichu Viki Lilipichu Viki

Parents, siblings, birthdays and beginning of life

Lilipichu was born in California, USA. How old is Lilliputian? Today Lillipitch is 29 years old. Lilipichu is 5 foot 3 inches long and weighs 45 pounds; she is an American citizen. Lilipichu’s ethnicity is Korean, his zodiac sign is Scorpio and his marital status is single. Her hair is black, then her hair is red, light brown, pink and the colour of her eyes is dark brown.

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Lilipichu Early life and education

Lilipichu has a brother named Daniel Ki, he and Lily were raised by their Korean parents. When Lilipichu was little, her parents enrolled her for piano lessons. Lily keeps playing the piano and starts creating in high school and high school. After graduating high school, Lily enrolled in a community college.

Lilipichu quarry

In 2006, Lily began her journey on YouTube by creating her first YouTube channel. Her first video posted online was League of Legends, the characters Rammus and Annie, and she’s been waiting for this video for four years. Her videos on YouTube mainly attract anime and video game fans, so she gets a lot of fans on YouTube in a short period of time. She has put a lot of gameplay videos online, from her own compositions to parodies and covers of songs. Lily’s YouTube channel currently has 1.76 million subscribers. At the beginning of her online career, Lily only relatively recently started posting on Twitch TV. Lily mainly uses her Twitch account to download game content. She became famous for her skills in League of Legends and Madoka. Lily is a member of an online entertainment group known as Offline TV that creates a wide range of online content.

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lilipichu lilipichu

Relations with the Lilipichu

For a long time Lilipichu and Albert loved each other and were a couple in the offline television landscape. Albert, however, was in love with social media star Sarah Lee and when he found out, Lily made a gesture with him on 10 November 2019. Lilipichu’s current boyfriend is Michael Reeves, who was revealed by Lily on the 21st. February 2020 confirmed. They’re both celebrating Valentine’s Day and started dating.

friend lilipichu Albert Chung friend lilipichu Albert Chung

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Lilliput Surgery and Social Media

Lily has accounts on popular social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on Lilypichu Twitter, tweets them that she has had oral surgery.

Lillipichu feat. Lillipichu feat.

Information from the financial statements of the parent company at Lillipice

Lilypichu Instagram account – , Lilypichu Twitter account – , Lilypichu Youtube channel - and Lilypichu Reddit account – , Lilypichu Twitch account details – .

Age of Lillipichu Age of Lillipichu

FAQ about Lilipichu.

How old is Lilliputian?

Lillipitch would be 28 in 2019.

What’s Lillipichu’s real name?

The real name of Lilipichu
is Lily Kee.

What’s the name of the Lilliputian’s brother?

Lilipichu has a younger brother, Daniel.

Who’s Lilipichu with?

Right now, Lilipichu is going out with YouTuber Daniel.

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