Manuel de Falla, one of the most famous Spanish composers of his time, was a prolific artist. The composer created many songs and other works during his lifetime with more than 100 published articles in newspapers and hundreds of manuscripts left to Spain by him.

Manuel de Falla is a Spanish composer, best known for his orchestral compositions. He was born in 1876 and died in September 1933. His most famous work is the El Amor Brujo.

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Manuel de Falla is difficult to categorize as part Impressionist and part Neo-Classicist, yet he is largely considered as the most renowned Spanish composer of the early twentieth century. His production is limited yet high-quality, and it mostly consists of music for the stage. Falla’s fame stems mostly from two richly Iberian ballet scores: El amor brujo (Love, the Magician), from which the Ritual Fire Dance (a popular classic, often heard in piano or guitar transcriptions) was derived, and the splashy El Sombrero de tres picos (The Three-Cornered Hat). His haunting piano concerto, Nights in the Gardens of Spain, cemented his position in the performance repertoire.

Falla, who was born in 1876, began taking piano lessons from his mother in Cádiz and then traveled to Madrid to complete his studies to study composition with Felipe Pedrell, the musical scholar who had previously directed Isaac Albéniz to Spanish folk music as a basis for his works. Falla was drawn to Renaissance Spanish church music, folk music, and national opera by Pedrell. The latter two inspirations are evident in La Vida breve (Short Life), an opera (a type of Spanish Cavalleria rusticana) for which Falla received a medal in 1905, despite the fact that the piece did not debut until 1913.

Falla’s 1907 visit to Paris, where he met and fell under the Impressionist spell of Claude Debussy, Paul Dukas, and Maurice Ravel, resulted in a second great artistic effect. His first piano works and songs were released in Paris. Falla returned to Madrid in 1914, working on a quasi-Impressionistic style for strongly Spanish issues; El amor brujo was inspired by Andalusian folk music. In 1917, Falla composed another ballet, El Corregidor y la molinera (The Magistrate and the Miller Girl). Diaghilev convinced him to develop the music for El sombrero de tres picos, a ballet by Léonide Massine, and passages from the whole piece have become a fixture of the concert repertoire. Nights in the Gardens of Spain, a suite of three beautifully scored impressions for piano and orchestra, was performed in the interval between the two ballets, recalling Andalusia once again.

Falla’s creative approach shifted in the 1920s, when he was influenced by Stravinsky’s Neo-Classicism. The puppet opera El retablo de Maese Pedro (The Altarpiece of Maese Pedro), based on a scene from Don Quixote, and a harpsichord concerto, with Castilian rather than Andalusian folk influence, are examples of works from this time. He practically retired after 1926, first to Mallorca and then to Argentina, where he lived until 1939. Although he was generally apolitical, the development of fascism in Spain influenced his choice to stay in Latin America following a conducting engagement there. He spent his last years in the Argentine desert, working on Atlántida, a massive cantata that he left incomplete when he died in 1946.

Manuel de Falla is a Spanish composer who has written many songs and pieces of music. He was one of the first composers to experiment with new sounds and styles in classical music. His most famous piece, “The Three Cornered Hat,” is an example of his work. Reference: manuel de falla interesting facts.

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