UFC contestant Michelle Waterson is an American artist and model for mixed martial arts. Former welterweight champion of FC Invict. Michelle has been named the world’s first female nuclear jumper from 2013 to 2014. In the UFC Women’s World Heavyweight Ranking she was ranked 9th in the world. November 7th in 7th place. The veteran quickly climbed into the top 10 books on MMARising.com and made his MMA debut in 2007. Michelle Waterson’s trip is amazing. Look down…

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Waterson was born in Colorado Springs and grew up in Aurora. He is of Caucasian and Thai descent. After graduating from the Aurora Highschool she started her modelling career in 2004. Then, before she realized she had to make a living, she went to the University of Denver.

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Michelle Waterson’s body measurement


Michelle Waterson is six feet tall. She fights in the UFC section with a weight of straw. Fighters competing in the straw weight category weigh between 106 and 115 pounds, and many MMA fighters even exceed their maximum weight in this category by 10 to 30 pounds due to weight reduction.

Michelle Waterson Husband


Michelle Waterson has an unpleasant reputation in the fighting arena with her brutal punch and country and pound style of play. But she is also the faithful wife of Joshua Gomez’s husband and the caring mother of Arya’s daughter.

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Michelle Waterson File

The fight against this phenomenon was fought at an earlier stage. Michelle Waterson’s record is very impressive.

Results Opponent Events Method Rd. The time has come.
Winner Angela Hill Fighting Night UFC 177 – Waterson vs Hill12. September 2020. Solution (department) 5 5:00
Lost Carl Esparza CFU 249 – Ferguson vs Gethe
09. May 2020.
Solution (department) 3 5:00
Lost Joanna Jeziecik Fight Night UFC 161 – Hedgehog vs Waterson 1.
October 2019.
The (uniform) solution 5 5:00
Winner Karolina Kowalkiewicz UFC on ESPN 2 – Barbosa vs Getha30. March 2019. The (uniform) solution 3 5:00
Winner Felice Herrigue PDU 229 – Nurmagomedov vs McGregor
06. October 2018
The (uniform) solution 3 5:00
Winner Courtney Casey UFC on Fox 29 – Pear Tree vs. Gaethje
14. April 2018.
Solution (department) 3 5:00
Lost Thesia Torres CFU 218 – Holloway vs Aldo 2
Dec 02, 2017
The (uniform) solution 3 5:00
Lost Pink Namajunas CFU to Fox 24-Johnson against flight
15. April 2017.
Introduction (bare rear throttle) 2 2:47
Winner Paige VanZant CFU to Fox 22 – VanZant v. Waterson
17. December 2016.
Technical application (bare rear throttle) 1 3:21
Winner Angela Magana UFC – Fighters’ Final 21
12. July 2015.
Introduction (bare rear throttle) 3 2:38
Lost Herika Tiburcio Invicta FC 10 – Waterson vs Waterson Tiburcio
Dec 05, 2014
Introduction (Guillotine thrush) 3 1:04
Winner Yasuko Tamada Convicted FC 8 – Waterson v. Toastmasters
Sint 06, 2014
TKO (knee and punch) 3 4:58
Winner Jessica Penn FC 5 Convicted – Penn v. Waterson
Presentation (Armbar) 4 2:31
Winner Lacey Shakman Invikta FC 3 – Penne vs. Sugiyama
06. October 2012
Solution (department) 3 5:00
Winner Diana Rael JMMAS – Jackson MMA Series 7
21. January 2012.
Introduction (bare rear throttle) 1 2:12
Winner Masako Yoshida Scrap MMA – Spring Fight
24. April 2010.
TKO. (blows) 1 4:17
Winner Californian rosary EB – Battle of the 4 Bears 6
13. February 2010.
Introduction (Flying Arm Bar) 1 0:15
Lost Helene Reed AG – Extreme strokes
11. April 2009.
TKO. (blows) 2 1:50
Winner Carina Taylor DCMMAS – Duke City MMA Series 1
14. March 2009.
Technical application (Armbar) 1 2:36
Winner Tyra Parker Strickeforce – Fee
on 03 October 2008.
Introduction (bare rear throttle) 1 1:20
Winner Crystal Makatol SCA – Duke City Bike and Fighting 2
23. August 2008.
Presentation (Armbar) 1 0:22
Winner Trisha Puwi KOTK – Badlands12. July 2008. TKO (stop around the corner) 2 5:00
Lost Lynn Alvarez DOF 31 – undisputedDecember 2007 Introduction (Guillotine thrush) 1 1:19
Winner Jaime Cook ROF 30 – Dominant
15. September 2007.
Presentation (Armbar) 1 1:33
Lost Alicia Gamma RMBB – Battle of the Arts30. June 2007. The (uniform) solution 2 5:00
Winner Andrea Miller ROF 28 – Development
16. February 2007.
The (uniform) solution 3 3:00

Michelle Waterson Archives

Quick facts

Name: MichelleName: It’s a nickname: Karate Hot
Date of birth : 06. January 1986. (34 years old)
Weight: 52.2 kg (115 lbs)
Height: 5′3″ (160 cm)
Accessibility: 157.5 cm (62 inches)
Location : Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA fighting style: American freestyle karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai branches: Jackson Wink MMA Academy

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