Canadian psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson has spoken out against what he sees as the cultural Marxist takeover of academia, which is why many people have been quick to recognize his daughter Mikhaila.

Mikhaila Peterson is a YouTube personality and social media sensation known for her videos, which have been viewed over 10 million times. When the 23-year old was asked by Vogue whether or not she felt like women in society were victims of sexism today, she stated that feminism has become “gospel”
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Mikhaila Peterson is the daughter of Jordan Peterson and his wife Tammy. Mikhaila was born in 1993, she has a younger brother named Mikhail. Read more in detail here: mikhaila peterson age.

Mikhaila Peterson - Who is Jordan Peterson's Daughter?

Mikhaila Peterson is an influencer, podcaster, and blogger best known for her book The Lion Diet. She is the daughter of Jordan Peterson, a world-renowned scholar. Her podcast focuses on topics that are typically taboo, such as health, lifestyle, cultural phenomena, and other topics. Mikhaila Peterson is believed to have a net worth of $1 million as of 2022.

Early Years

Mikhaila was born on January 4, 1992, in Ontario, Canada, and raised there. Jordan and Tammy Peterson have just one child. Julian, her younger brother, was her childhood companion.

She had a tough childhood, since she was admitted to the hospital at a young age due to severe joint pain and other diseases. She was later diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar illness, and severe depression. Despite this, she worked diligently to complete her studies.

At Concordia University in Montreal, the young lady studied Psychology and Classics. She studied make-up artistry before pursuing a degree in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Ryerson University.

Career as an Influencer

Mikhaila tried a variety of drugs to treat her many ailments, but none of them helped. As a result, she made the decision to change her eating habits. She began to consume just meat, such as lamb, beef, and pig.

The ‘Lion Diet,’ as Peterson dubbed it, is said to have healed her melancholy, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic ailments. She intended to distribute the diet to as many people as possible as a result of its success. She preached her message on Instagram and created a personal blog in 2018.

Mikhaila also became the CEO of online media company Luminate Enterprises the next year. She was elevated to Management Executive from her previous job. Her online popularity grew over time, and she currently has 464,000 Instagram followers.


Peterson began submitting videos to her YouTube account in 2019. She went on to discuss her carnivorous diet. The ‘Mikhaila Peterson Podcast’ was launched a year after the channel was founded.

This program would bring together doctors and scientists to talk about current challenges. She does, however, ask other content providers to remark on current events every now and again.

Peterson also has a series called ‘Opposing Views,’ which looks at both sides of a debate. Her father, in particular, is routinely encouraged to participate in her movies. Her channel has over 502,000 subscribers at the time of writing.

Earnings and Net Worth

Mikhaila is estimated to earn between $2,200 to $35,700 per year from YouTube ad income. Her channel’s subscriber count has been continuously increasing, and that number is expected to continue to rise in the future years. She also earns money by marketing things on her Instagram account.

She is expected to earn up to $40,000 a year as a well-known blogger. Her prominent position at Luminate Enterprises should also provide her with a good compensation. Her net worth is believed to be $1 million, despite the fact that her salary as CEO isn’t revealed.

Personal Experiences

Andrey Korikov, a Russian-born businessman, was Peterson’s first husband. They have a daughter called Elizabeth together. Their marriage was already strained by the time their kid was born. Mikhaila declared her divorce on social media in the year 2021. She is presently dating Jordan Fuller, and she has confirmed their relationship with many Instagram photographs.

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Mikhaila Peterson is the daughter of Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor who has become famous for his controversial views on gender and politics. Reference: mikhaila peterson christian.

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