James Agalga, parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the northern district of Beals in the Upper East, said the incoming NDC government will restore police visibility across the country to reduce crime.

According to him, the statistics of the Ghanaian police force show that the crime rate is increasing, we have an increase of 27% of the serious crime in the country.

It is undeniable that there is a state of insecurity in the country which must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Mr Agalga said this when it was his turn to answer a question from the program to discuss the CP’s plans to improve security in the northern part of Bilsa.

The debate was organized by the Commission for Justice and Peace of the Catholic Church of Christ in Sandem, in the northern district of Builsa, in cooperation with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE).

The program was dedicated to this topic: The role of parliament, local authorities and participatory governance in community development, supported by the European Union and Konrad Adenuer Stiffin, a German non-governmental organisation.

According to Mr Agalga, police visibility used to be part of our national policy. So we broadcast the policy, and the police were everywhere. Police visibility has been reduced. That’s a fact.

If the NDC wins and I become a member of Congress, which is my area of expertise, we’ll make the police all over the country, and our district won’t be left behind. You’re gonna see cops everywhere.

PC, who is currently a district deputy and a member of the parliamentary evaluation committee for defence and home affairs, noted that when criminals see that the police are everywhere, they are afraid.

He said… When we became visible under the supervision of the inspector general of the police, Mr Mohamed Alhassan, we reduced the crime rate by about 16%. We come back to the idea of police visibility.

Mr Agalga said it was crucial to rebuild the Ghanaian police service to make it more effective, especially in the northern constituency of Bils: At the moment the police command in Sandem has only one emergency vehicle. We already had three, so we need to provide them with more vehicles to increase their mobility.

He said that the motivation of the security officers was low and added that the police and firefighters were threatened by their Captain 30 and therefore they were not prepared to die for you and me, that’s the pure truth.

In carrying out our responsibilities, we will amend the Labour Act 2008 to ensure that all safety authorities are firmly anchored in the Chapter 30 pension system.

As part of the programme, Simon Gibson Achavusum Anuegabey, an independent candidate, answered questions from Joseph Ransford Asuok of the National People’s Congress (NPC) on how they would improve in areas such as unemployment, health, safety and education if they were allowed to represent the people in parliament.

Mr Jeffrey Adda, director of the Northern District of Builsa, said in his speech that the program is designed to create a platform for interaction between voters and PCs and to enable candidates to inform voters about their policies and programs.

According to him, this programme also enabled the candidates to take part in the presidential and legislative elections on 7 September. December for peace.

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