Noah Cyrus had plastic surgery?

Generation Z has blossomed and has given us a new harvest of new artists. Noah Cyrus, Billy Ray’s daughter and Miley’s sister is not the last. But don’t let your famous family, a young mentally ill and animal rights activist, become a talented singer and actress. What started as dance for her sister has grown into an open and varied career, and Time Magazine named her one of the 30 most influential young people in 2017.

But even the youngest celebrities are not immune to the attention that their obsession with Hollywood imagery brings them. Fans speculate, and experienced plastic surgeons agree that Cyrus, like many of our favorite stars, was stabbed to death.

Noah Cyrus and plastic surgery?

Lip injections

Noah turned 18. Birthday with a new set of ever fuller lips. This is the first time their fans have noticed a change. According to the plastic surgeons, it is probably the result of injections into the lips or other filling materials. The injections swell the lips and give them more volume. This is perhaps the most common procedure, no wonder Noah started his transformation here.


Most people get Botox injections on the forehead or around the eyes to smooth out wrinkles and other fine lines. It is doubtful that Noah Cyrus had wrinkles that she had to remove, but it is impossible not to notice that her eyebrows are much higher and that her forehead and neck are smoother. Looks like she did it to keep her face shiny and inviting.

Implants/fat transplants

Although Noah Cyrus has always been known for his beautiful cheeks, one cannot help but notice how Noah’s cheeks have become bigger and fuller. His chin also seems to have become smoother and rounder. Experts note that Noah appears to have been able to insert implants or even transplant some kind of fat into these areas. In these procedures, the material, whether soft implant or fatty tissue, is removed and brought directly into the treated area.

Noah Cyrus and plastic surgery?

Breast augmentation

One of the least visible changes in his appearance is his bust. Fans couldn’t help noticing a small change in the size and shape of Noah’s chest. The jury’s still out. A small change in the fullness of his ribcage could be achieved by a greasy graft. It’s not impossible, considering she’s pretty sure she did it to his face. However, experts also note that the same type of lift and swelling that she now has can easily become a new bra.

It’s hard to deny the physical changes Noah has made. Is she following in her sister’s footsteps and updating her image to stay current and relevant in today’s entertainment industry? Not so long ago Hannah Montana overthrew her dear friend to create a more mature atmosphere. The recently released f*ckyounoah video clip on Noah’s song, inspired by the operation, could be a direct commentary on his struggle to keep up with Hollywood. You think Noah went too far in chasing this painting?

What do you think of Noah Cyrus’s plastic surgery?

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