In 2016, Noella Bergener’s husband James Bergener filed for divorce after she threatened to leave him. She was living on a personal trainer salary and struggling with her marital problems when her former best friend suggested one last experiment: Would it be possible to stop using credit cards entirely? Find out what happened!

Noella Bergener is an American actress who has appeared in films such as “The Big Lebowski” and “Dumb and Dumber”. She was married to James Bergener, a man she thought would take care of her financially. However, he closed off all credit cards and put in divorce papers. Noella is now struggling to pay her bills.

Noella Bergener: her financial woes after her debt-ridden husband, James Bergener shuts off her credit cards and puts in divorce papers!

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Noella Bergener of the Real Housewives of Orange County is in tears. James Bergener, her husband, has presented her with divorce papers. He is in debt, and he has also turned off Noella’s credit cards.

Noella Bergener’s financial difficulties and divorce

Noella Bergener, a reality TV star, is in a lot of pain. Her spouse has no money. He owes USD 6 million in tax obligations, which he is unable to pay. As a result, he disabled Noella’s credit cards, which she used to shop and make purchases. In addition, James, her spouse, has filed for divorce.

Noella is in tears and unable to suppress her feelings. In a recent episode, she is face time her co-star and friend Shannon Beador and informing her about her problems. She declares:

“Someone arrived to serve papers, divorce papers,” says the narrator. He’s been in Puerto Rico for a while. “And it’s all in Spanish,” says the narrator.

Noella BergenerShannon Beador is on the phone with Noella Bergener, who is crying. (Image courtesy of The Sun UK)

Shannon is similarly taken aback and expresses her surprise by saying:


Noella goes on to say:

“His clothing is here, his belongings are here, and his automobile is here.” And now his life has come to an end. The credit cards were turned off by him.

“I’m at a loss.” I’m absolutely stumped and have no idea what to do. I’m at a loss for words. It’s all a nightmare. It was all just a nightmare. I’m attempting to get in touch with an attorney to see what the next steps are.”

James and his financial obligations

Noella informs her pal Shannon about her husband James’ financial woes. She declares:

“He made a mistake, and he has to fix it.”

“However, I never imagined this would be the end of a relationship.” I never imagined that this would imply that I’d be raising our kid as a single mother.

“All I want is for my spouse to come over and tell me what’s going on.” My kid, for example, was just diagnosed with Autism in May. In June, my mother was admitted to the hospital.”

Noella BergenerNoella Bergener, who had been issued with divorce proceedings and had her credit cards turned off by her husband James Bergener, was weeping (Source: The Sun UK)

James owes a total of USD 5.8 million in debts that date back to 2018. James is an attorney who owns and operates the Sweet James legal company.

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Was Noella previously aware of the tax debt?

Noella, an Orange County housewife, was unaware of her husband’s financial difficulties. She first believed the tax lien was just for USD 4 million. However, she then learned that another USD 2 million tax lien had been added to it, bringing the total to over USD 6 million.

Noella BergenerDuring brighter times, Noella Bergener with her husband James Bergener and son James Jr. (Image courtesy of The Sun UK)

The divorce is likewise a tumultuous affair. The two aren’t getting along. Noella is seeking exclusive physical and legal custody of their 2-year-old son, James Jr. James will have just visiting rights to their kid, according to the actress. She has also requested James for spousal support. She also demands that he pay her legal bills. They married in June 2020, therefore their union was short-lived. The divorce papers arrived in August.

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Noella Bergener is an American actress and comedian who has been in the industry since 1996. She was married to James Bergener, a wealthy businessman, but after he shut off her credit cards and filed for divorce papers, she found herself with financial woes. Reference: noella bergener age.

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