Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is the only daughter of the famous French wrestler André Gélikan André René Roussimoff. Robin is also a worthy wrestler, taking back his father’s legacy but with little success.

Vicky Robin Christensen Russimoff Vicky Robin Christensen Russimoff

Robin Christensen-Russimoff Wiki

  • Name: Robin Christensen-Russimoff
  • Born: 1979
  • Male: 42 years from 2021
  • Approximate height: 183 cm or 6 feet.
  • Weight (approx.): 100 kg or 220 lbs.
  • The parents: Andre the Giant, Jean Christiansen.
  • Grandma and grandpa and grandpa: Boris Russimuff, Marianne Russimuff…
  • Uncle: Jacques Roussimoff

Parents, siblings, birthday and early adulthood:

Robin, 41 years old, was born in 1979 in France. Robin now lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. Robin Christensen and her father, whom she trusts, have never had a solid relationship, they have no intimacy, because Robin only went out a few times with Rene Rusimoff. But Robin was working on a documentary about the life of André René Roussimoff, who was called André de Reus in 2018.

Robin Christensen Rusimoff’s mother’s name is Jean Christensen and she worked as a wrestling publisher. Jean Christensen met André René Roussimoff when she worked in public relations. There’s no brother for Robin. Jacques Roussimoff is Uncle Robin. Jean Christensen and André René Roussimoff both died and little was known about Robin’s references. She travels a lot, Robin visits so many comics in the country to represent her father.

Andre Russimoff with his daughter Robin Christensen-Russimoff Andre Russimoff with his daughter Robin Christensen-Russimoff

Personal life, favorite things:

Robin Christensen Rusimoff is single. Seafood is his favorite food. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are his favorite movie stars. Black is his favorite color. New Zealand is his favorite destination.

Andrew, Robin's grandfather, baptizes the Russians Andrew, Robin’s grandfather, baptizes the Russians

Physical appearance:

Robin Christensen Rusimoff is 1.80 m (182 cm) tall and weighs 90 kg. 44-40-44 are the dimensions of his body.

Net cost:

Robin Christensen Roussimoff, Andre’s giant daughter, has a net worth of $100,000 million.

Interesting facts:

André René Roussimoff first met his giant daughter in hospital when she was born. He only found her again four years later, and that was only for a few minutes. Christmas 1992 was the last day Robin spoke to her father, the 23rd. In January 1993, just one month after that day, his father died of congestive heart failure. It wasn’t until a month later that Robin and her mother John heard the news.


Robin of the WWE receives royalties for continuing to mention Andre’s fame for some of his events. Only Robin Christensen Russimoff has the right to use the name Andre Rene Russimoff and license it in any form, from figurines to video games.  Robin Christensen Russimoff has promoted the book Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven by Brandon M. Easton. Robin derives most of its income exclusively from license fees, promotions and especially from visits from comic consultants.

Social media:

Robin Christensen Rusimoff is their Wikipedia. She doesn’t have an official Twitter account. Also no official Facebook account. hey_puddin_79 is her Instagram, it’s only available on Instagram.

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