British Royalnews reveals that the dust still hasn’t settled after an interview that Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle thought was a fitting gift for Oprah Winfrey.

She was born on the 7th. Mars aired to 50 million viewers, not counting Friday night’s rerun. Come on, Oprah!

Royal Family News – Oprah gets top ratings

Oprah Winfrey sat across from the couple as they made staggering accusations about members of both their families. But Oprah, as an interviewer, didn’t really challenge the enthusiastic couple, push them around or put the heat on them. Maybe his role was something else and it was a public joke?

Around the world, many have pointed out that allegations have been proven, accusations have been made based on second-hand rumors, interpretations have not been challenged, and ultimately the reputation of the monarchy and certain family members have been damaged, but apparently everything the couple has said has been accepted as true.

Here are just three of Harry and Meghan’s claims that defy proper and thorough investigation.

Royal Family News – Was there ever a pre-marriage?

According to Harry and Meghan, they married in secret, three days before they fooled everyone with a gilded ceremony that cost the British taxpayer more than £30 million.

Three days before our wedding, we got married, Megan said. Nobody knows. But we called the archbishop and just said: This thing is a spectacle to the world, but we want our covenant with each other.

For example, the wedding vows we framed in our room, just the two of us in the garden with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Harry chirped: Just the three of us!

But if there were really three people present, it wasn’t legal; anyone getting married in England needs two witnesses, plus one person involved in the ruling, so five people.

If this is true, then the Archbishop of Canterbury has broken the law. I’m sorry, Megan, that you’ve been subpoenaed to the Archdiocese’s special licensing department, which says your wedding was just a rehearsal for a wedding ceremony.

Royal Family News – Has she not seen her brother and sister in 18 years?

Megan also said she grew up as an only child and last saw her sibling Samantha Markel 18-19 years ago….. and ten years before that.

That’s not true, says Samantha, who has a photo of the 2008 graduate.

News from the Royal Family: Poll shows Brits support monarchy after Prince Harry and Meghan unveil

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 13. March 2021

Royal Family News – She was not a hostage in the palace.

Meghan told Oprah she was grounded: I’ve been out of the house twice in four months.

Really? No, of course not. According to a court circular, Meghan attended 73 days of formal engagements in the 17 months between her marriage and the couple’s departure for Canada. Of these days, at least 65 had to leave the house.

There is no four-month period in which she left the house only twice.

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