Do you know Saifullah? I don’t think you know Saifullah. Saifullah passed the final tests of the UPSC 2019 and reached the 623rd place. Place in the SIO, and he earned that title on his first attempt.

Let’s take a look at his short biography in this short article.

Saifullah Sambhal Al 2020 Grade 623

Cyphulla (IAS-2020) – Biography, background information on postgraduate students UPSC 2021

Saifullah: Personal data

Saifullah belongs to Sambhal. (Sambhal is a small historic town in Uttar Pradesh).

There are four people in his family, including him. His mother is a housewife, his father is a lawyer and his brother is Catholic. In this way you can clearly see that his family would support him and encourage him to create a learning environment.

Saifullah graduated from Jamia in 2017. Recently he was looking for the LLB. He started preparing for the UPC in 2018 and participated in coaching sessions at Jamiyah Milliyah University in Delhi.

Saifullah did his best and hacked the preliminaries. But at first he didn’t believe in it, he lost hope and thought the network is very complicated and it’s not for me, so that’s it. But it was at that time that his friends and the deputy director of the Tariq Institute, sir, encouraged him and made it clear to him: Be positive and know your strength. He was involved with Maines and he hacked into it.

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Then the interrogation phase awaited him. In an interview on You-Tube he said he only had two months to prepare it.

Saifullah: Passion

Now, as an officer, he wants to see his hometown of Sambhal, the most underdeveloped area, as one of the best.

As an employee, he also wants to work in the field of women’s progress, education and health.

He is passionate about reducing gender inequality.

It is intended to ensure the health of the poorest sections of society.

He wants to eliminate corruption with public participation to make it transparent.

Saifullah: Fighting

Sometimes I lost hope during the preparation, sometimes I even cried, but my family told me to just attend the interview and not worry about the outcome. So I joined in and hacked the interview.

Saifullah: Education and travel to become an IAS

Saifullah wanted to become a public figure from an early age and his father gave him the idea to prepare for the PUPSC exams, because success in this area makes his passion a lifelong profession. As an officer, he can also help the poor and needy.

Saifullah talked about his struggle in life when he was in the 11th week. He suffered from depression and psychological problems. Let him tell the story of his own life:

You get nothing.

You should open a business, because you’re no good at anything.

You’re a disgrace to us.

I’ve always been a victim of the few rules described above. Yeah, you heard right. Before I let you know, I want to tell you something about myself.

As a child, I was a very introverted person. I was very afraid to talk to almost anyone. I had a very limited communication range. All in all, I was a very shy person. Academically, I was just an ordinary man. But despite all this, life went smoothly.

The nightmare finally started when I entered the ninth grade of Jamia School. I felt a great desire to go home and I couldn’t adjust. This resulted in the loss of three years of generous tuition fees. I was very depressed back then. Everyone’s given up hope of me. I blacked them all out. My mind began to develop suicidal thoughts. But little by little, with the help of my family and with courage, I managed to get out.

I learned a lot from that phase. Then I was completely transformed. I decided not to look back and started to focus on my career. I went back to Sambhal and got into the B.V.M. Sr. sec. The school and the excellent school results. I was born in 12th grade. He’s the oldest boy in school. Later I became director of a CBSE boarding school.

So far, life has changed completely. I took a position at Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi (DU) in the field of trade flows. I’ve learned new things here and I’ve learned a lot. The cosmopolitan culture of the College has really helped me to improve my personality.

When I graduated from college, they put me in very good company. But then there were a lot of dilemmas, because the offer was really good and I could support my family financially. On the other hand, I’ve always dreamed of becoming an IAS official. So I finally decided to sacrifice my work to make my dream come true.

I then joined him as part of a civil service training program and also enrolled at the Washington State University School of Law.

Finally the journey with PUPSC has started, another roller coaster ride. Managing two things has never been an easy task, including the extra psychological pressure of public service. But as I have learned from my previous experiences, I have never lost hope and courage, and I have always been positive. With this attitude I have tried this journey and have become more resistant.

4. August 2020 – the final results of my work in the public service were announced and I immediately took the 623.

It was one of the best days of my life. All difficulties and hardships have proved worthy.

You’ve made us proud. You’re the star.

You’re an inspiration to everyone.

These words were spoken by the same people who demotivated me in the past.

So I’ve learned from experience that I still believe in myself.

Work quietly, let success make noise.

Saifullah: Message for all PUPSC graduates


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Cheer up,

Mentally weak,


Go ahead, go ahead,

Hard work,

Heavy phase,

Saifullah: Notes for all PUPSC graduates

Don’t give up,

Positive thoughts,

Overcoming power,



a pure heart,


Everything here revolves around Saifullah Sambhali. I hope you enjoyed his biography. Keep your distance, save your life.

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