Shay Carl Butler is an American personality and vlogger who has two YouTube channels: @shaycarl and SHAYTARDS. Both channels have millions of subscribers. Shay Kark Butler is an entrepreneur who founded Maker Studios with his friends.

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What is Shay Carl Butler known for?

  • is the Youtuber and Vlogger of America.
  • Co-founder of Maker Studios.

Shay Carl Butler: Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, childhood, ethnicity

Shay Carl Butler is a dashing man, born on the 5th. March 1980 in Logan, Utah. His father is Carl Butler and his mother is Lori Butler.

He grew up with older brothers Casey Butler and Logan Butler. Carly Butler’s his sister. Shay is of American descent and of Caucasian white ethnicity.  Butler’s family moved to Phoenix, Arizona to live with Shay’s father so he could attend college. His father is an electrical engineer. Maybe Shay could have grown up in Arizona.


Shay enrolled at the University of Idaho. But then he gave up looking for a job. Unfortunately it was not possible for him to finish his studies.

Shay Carl Butler: Professional career as director, direction

First, he served a two-year full-time mission in Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He used to install granite countertops. He also worked as a school bus driver to support himself. He also worked as a DJ at Z103.

He became famous when his friend Philip DeFranco screamed in a YouTube video. Her YouTube channel @shaycarl currently has 1.67 million subscribers. Fun with Helium and Sweat was released six years ago on the 16th. August 2007, downloaded.

His famous video is also SPAGHETTI SYMPHONY! (rap song), which has been viewed 27 million times to date. A father makes a mess of kids making a mess, an epic war, and a 3-year-old… Hilarious!!! here are some other videos that have over 14 million views.

Signed: Shay Carl Butler and his wife (Source: Pinterest).

Also on 2. In October 2008, he still had a channel on Youtube, which attracted more than 4.96 million people from all over the world. THE BABY IS SICK! – SHAYTARD’s most popular video. More than 30 million viewers watched the video. We have a swamp! A baby has been born! And THE FAMILY CHANGES ARE DONE! These are the other videos on this channel. The three videos have nearly all surpassed 22 million views. Shay Karl’s YouTube channel, New Rock Stars Media, is in 31st place.

Butler, along with his wife Kotel, started a podcast called When the Kids Go to Bed. They interviewed celebrities like Terry Crews and Bas Rutten. Butler is also a writer. He and his son Gavin wrote a book called Fat Daddy, Fatty.

Co-founder of Maker Studios

Along with Youtubers Lisa and Dan Zappin, Philip DeFranco, Ben Donovan and Kassem Garaibe, Maker Studios co-founder Shay.  The online company has focused primarily on four networks: Men, women, family and entertainment.


He began his film career with a web series in 2009. In Station, he was played by Randy and Shay. He played the role of Shay Red in the 2010 film Irritating Orange and also provided the voice for Cabbage.

He also appeared in No Ordinary Family, another TV series, and then worked at MyMusic for two years. In 2012 and 2013, he paid tribute to the role of metal hipster. Wonder Quest is also his next project, where he provided the voice of Heinous.

Distinctions and nominations

In 2009, Shaitards won the award for Best YouTube Channel or Personality at Mashable’s 3rd Annual Open Web Awards.

In 2014, Butler won 4th place in the Makers Studio competition. Streamy Awards ICON in the category Entrepreneurship.

Shay Carl Butler: Net equity (2021) and personnel costs

His net worth is estimated at $30 million, which he earned during his professional career.

Signed: Shay Carl Butler and his wife (Source: International Business TImes)

Is Shay Carl Butler married? Woman, children, marriage

Shay met her love, Sholetta, at a local theater. Colette played the role of a stylish nightclub singer. It was the second time Collette and Shay had met when Collette accepted the wakeboard offer.

A year later, Shay proposed to Colette. Because Colette was originally expecting a tip from her ex-boyfriend, she didn’t take the offer. But later, she decided to move on and accepted Shay.

The couple celebrates on the 3rd. January, her wedding day. They got married in 2003. The couple is fortunate to have five children. They are Avia Colette, Brock Vincent Butler, Daxton Charles Butler, Emmy Laurie Butler, Gavin Butler.

Signed: Shay Carl Butler and his family (Source: Pinterest).


Butler announced at 12. In February 2017, he announced that he was leaving Youtube for a while. On his Twitter page, he announced that because of his alcoholism, his goal is rehab. He allegedly exchanged sexual messages with webcam model Aria Nina via Twitter. According to International Business Time. Later, in March 2018, Carl relaunched his YouTube channel and worked on the relationship between him and Collette.

Shay Carl Butler: Length, weight, colour of eyes

He used to weigh 136 pounds. Later, he feared a heart attack and began to lose weight. In one year, he lost more than 50 pounds of weight. Sources say he now weighs 80 pounds. He is 0, has brown eyes and brown hair. He’s also a size 12 shoe.

Shay Carl Butler is active on social media?

Shay has over 985,000 followers on Instagram, over 700,000 followers on Twitter and over 430,000 followers on Facebook.  His YouTube channel SHAYTARDS has 4.96 million subscribers, while his other channel, shaycarl, has 1.67 million followers.

frequently asked questions

How tall is Shay Carl?

Shay Carl.

Are Shay Butler and Colette still married?


How old is Shay Carl?

Shay Carl.

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