The actors in the development and peace process in the municipality of Effutu have given assurances that they are prepared to support the country’s participation in research on the 7th World Development Day. I am convinced that the European Union and the Member States will work intensively until 31 December to protect peace, tranquillity and cohesion in the region.

They gave guarantees at a forum organized by the secretariat of the National Peace Council in Winnebe.

Representatives of various political parties, civil society organisations, the Electoral Commission (EC), the National Commission for Civic Education (CNEC), the Effutu City Council meeting and the constituency safety authorities participated.

The event took place around the theme of the fight against violence during the December elections: Collective responsibility.

The security authorities have identified Winneba as a hotbed of electoral violence in the central region.

The forum should therefore call on all parties concerned to make a commitment before, during and after the elections on 7 November. December to accept peace, so that people can continue their normal activities in the region.

The President of the Central Regional Peace Council, Matthew Egan, said in his presentation that peacekeeping would contribute to an orderly and just society by protecting people from violence, exploitation, blackmail and abuse by the strongest members of society.

Elections, which are formally institutionalised decision-making processes in which voters select individuals for public office, are an essential aspect of democracy. Ghana is a respected and internationally recognized country for holding peaceful elections, despite our diversity.

He said it is an invaluable honor for the nation to receive such recognition in a world where many do not know and accept peace, and he instructed citizens to contribute their quotas to maintain this honor before and after the next elections.

We all seek peaceful elections and should remember that we have only one Ghana to be fair, honest and friendly to those who do not share our political ideologies and to tolerate and respect the views of all, he said.

According to Mr. Egan, preventing political violence is a collective effort and therefore everyone must unite to defend peace and tranquillity in the country.

Chief Inspector Samuel A. Okanka, the commander of Effutu District Police, and the chairman of the security service for the 2020 elections, told the hearing that the security services were ready to protect life and property before and after the elections.

Measures taken to organise peaceful elections include dialogue with political leaders, youth groups and other civil society organisations on the need for their active participation in the crusade for peaceful elections.

The security services, he warned, will fight resolutely against any person or group engaged in activities that threaten Effutuman’s security and democracy in the country, he said.

Dr. Emmanuel Yamoa Tencorang, member of the Board of Governors of the Central Regional Office of the Peace Council, who spoke on the theme of debate and dialogue, called on all Ghanaians to rise to the challenges and not to attack individuals in order to achieve peaceful and successful elections.

Other speakers took turns calling for peace.

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