Svetlana Parnassus with her husband Lev Parnassus.

Svetlana Parnassus is the wife of Lev Parnassus, one of two employees of the president’s personal lawyer, Trump Rudy Giuliani, who was recently charged with campaign finance violations.

Lev Parnassus is a Soviet businessman from Florida who is known as one of the sponsors of the Trump Fundraising Committee. He was arrested together with his Belarusian-born compatriot Igor Fruman for violating the rules on campaign funding, including injecting Russian money into President Trump’s campaign.

Svetlana has a popular wife of Leo Parna. She is also an accredited member and registered agent of a company called Aaron Investments LLC. Then read the age of Lev Parnassus’ wife, family history and other related details.

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Beginning of life Svetlana Parnassus

Svetlana was killed on the 22nd. March 1988, born in Ukraine. She has Ukrainian nationality and her ethnic origin is white Ukrainian. Your breed is white. In 2020 Svetlana Parnassus will be 31 years old. She’s a Christian by religion. Your badge of honour is the Aries. However, there is no concrete information about their parents, siblings or education.

Physical appearance

Svetlana Parnassus is a beautiful woman of an attractive size. She has brown eyes and blond hair. He’s the perfect size for body weight. And she takes good care of her body to stay young and beautiful.

Who’s Svetlana’s husband?

Svetlana Parnassus’ husband is Leo Parnassus. Lev is an American businessman from Ukraine, lawyer Rudy Giuliani. They got married in 2012 and one couple has five children (four sons and one daughter). But we don’t know how many of them are Svetlana’s biological children.

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Svetlana Parnassus son

Your son, Aaron Parnassus, is a lawyer. He began law school at the youngest age of 18, earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida Atlantic and continued to attend high school. During his holiday in 2019, Aaron did a three-month internship at the former law firm of Rudy Giuliani Greenberg Traurig. He also worked in an office in Miami.

Legal history of Svetlana Parnassus

The Lion and the wife of Lion Parnassus Svetlana have a history of financial law. In 2014 the couple was evicted from the premises of Boca Raton by the owner. According to the court document, Lev-Svetlana had to pay $15,000 a month in rent, but did not do so. Lev Parnassus was also sued for refusing to pay a $350,000 loan to Diana and Michael Puze. In 2010 they gave Parnassus funds to invest in a film project, but it never paid off. In the 2016 case, Svetlana Parnassus was an offender in a civil suit against Portfolio Recovery Associates. According to the complaint, Parnassus owed $3,398, but did not make the required payments.

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Net value of Svetlana Parnassus

She’s made a lot of money throughout her career. The net value of Svetlana Parnassus is between $100,000 and $500,000. She’s living a great life these days. In general, Svetlana is a very strong woman, no matter what the world says about her. She never gives up hope and her self-esteem decreases.

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