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Swami Vivekananda (born on 12 January 173 – died on 7 July 1902) was a famous and influential spiritual master of Vedanta. Her real name is Narendra Nat Dutt. He represented Sanathan Dharma on behalf of India at the General Assembly of World Religions in Chicago, USA, in 1893. Vedanta’s philosophy, full of Indian spirituality, only reached all the countries of America and Europe thanks to Swami Vivekananda’s speech.

He founded the Ramakrishna Mission, which still does its work today. He was a highly qualified student of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He was given 2 minutes to speak, but he is most famous because he started his speech with my American sisters and brothers. This first sentence of his speech won everyone’s hearts.

The son of a Bengali elite family from Kayastha to Calcutta, Vivekananda was sensitive to spirituality. He was strongly influenced by his virgin guru Ramakrishna, from whom he learned that God exists in all beings, so that mankind can help those who have other needs or can serve God. After Ramakrishna’s death, Vivekananda travelled regularly to the Indian subcontinent and got first-hand knowledge of the conditions in British India. Later, in 1893, the World Parliament of Religions visited the United States of America to represent India. In India, Vivekananda is considered a patriotic monk and his birthday is celebrated as National Youth Day. Swamiji was a great man.

The history of Vivekananda – focus on objective

One day Swami Vivekananda slept in his ashram. Then a very unhappy man came to him and fell at the feet of Swami Vivekananda as soon as he arrived and said Maharaj, I work very hard in my life, I do everything with a big heart, but to this day I have never succeeded. It’s possible.

Swami Vivekananda, who heard what this man said, is good. You brought that dog for a while until I found a solution to your problem. After he said that, this guy turned the dog around. And after a while, the man came back. So Swami Vivekananda asked this guy why this dog was breathing so much. You don’t look tired, but what’s wrong with you?

The guy said I was walking along the road when this dog ran here and ran all over the place. Which makes him so tired.

Swami Vivekananda smiled and said that this was the answer to your questions. Half your success lies right in front of you. But instead of a goal, you run around and never succeed in life. The man recognized him after he heard him. If we want to succeed, we have to focus on the goal.

This story of Swami Vivekananda teaches us a lesson. Whatever. You don’t pay attention to him and you start doing the same by looking at others. Why we are wandering around and approaching the place of our success. Here’s why: If you want to succeed in life! That’s why we should always focus on our goals!

Beginning of life (1863-88)

Swami Vivekananda was born on the 12th. Born in January 1873 (according to the scientists of Makar Sankrarti Samwat, 1920) in the family Kaastha in Calcutta. His children’s home was called Vireshvar, but the official name was Narendranath Dutt. Father Vishwanat Dutt was a famous attorney at the Supreme Court of Calcutta. Durgacharan Dutta, (Narendra’s grandfather) in Sanskrit He was a Persian scholar, left his family at the age of 25 and became a monk.

His mother, Buvanesvari Devi, was a woman of religious conviction. She spent most of her time worshipping Lord Shiva. The religious, progressive and rational attitude of Narendra’s father and mother has shaped his thinking and personality.

Since he was a child, Narendra was very smart and very bad. He did a lot of bad things with his classmates, and he never missed one bad thing with his teachers when he had the chance. Mata Bhuvaneshwari Devi liked to listen to Puran, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. because of her religious preference.


In 1871, at the age of eight, Narendranath went to the Metropolitan Institute of Ishbal Chandra Vidyasagar where he studied. In 1877 his family moved to Raipur. After his family’s return to Calcutta in 1879, he was the only student to score in the first division at the entrance exam of the Presidential College.

Narendra has studied Indian classical music and has regularly participated in sports lessons. Narendra studied Western logic, Western philosophy and European history at the General Assembly Institute (now Scottish Church College). In 1881 he passed the fine arts exam and in 1884 he obtained a bachelor’s degree.

Conference speech

My American brothers and sisters!

My heart is filled with indescribable joy when I can express my gratitude for the warmth and love with which you have met us. I thank you in the name of the oldest traditions of asceticism in the world; I thank you in the name of the Mother of Religions; and I thank you in the name of all categories of Hindus of all sects and opinions.

I would also like to thank a number of speakers on this forum who addressed the representatives of Pracha and told them that these people from faraway countries can claim to be proud of spreading the spirit of tolerance in different countries. I am proud to be a follower of a religion that has taught peace, tolerance and universal acceptance.

I am proud to inform you that we have welcomed into our midst the purest remnant of the Jews who came to South India and sought refuge in the year in which their holy temple was purified from the tyranny of the Roman race. I am proud to be a follower of the religion that sheltered the remnants of the great caste of the poor and that still follows them today.

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