Net value $20 million
Place of birth Sukabumi, Indonesia
Born. 1. August 1982
Name and surname  
Husband Reyno Barracks
Age 38 years old
Parents Dadang Zaelani (mountain pasture); Papa Nurhayati
Profession singer, actress, entrepreneur
Movies Grinding Cooburaner and Bike Sayang

Today we are talking about Renee Fatima Zaelani, she is known as Ciarini. She’s a famous singer and actress. His debut album My Lovely was released in 2008. She’s making great strides in her career. We’re also talking about Ciarini’s net worth.

Instagram and other social networking sites are also gaining a lot of followers. We’ll talk about his beginning, his ability, his biography and his career. We also have the latest news on the assets of Sissi Fleitas and Chelsea Peretti, I hope you will receive more recent information.

Beginnings of life/biography

Siyarini was born first. Born in August 1982 in Sukabumi, Indonesia. Cher grew up with her brothers and sisters in Indonesia, where she was born and spent many years as a child. While she goes to school, she is still a star and performs on stage.

From the beginning it was her dream to become a famous singer or actress. Her family has known her talent since childhood and her parents want her to become a world-famous woman.  In their professional lives, Joey Diaz and Carl Urban became famous actors because they started their careers at a young age.

Her life is very interesting because she has many problems in her career, although she wants to become a famous singer or actress. Your Instagram account has about 30 million followers, making it a big fan.

So, more information about his early life, we’ll keep talking about his net worth and his monthly salary. Even how to become a singer or actress at a young age.

What is Ciarini’s net salary or Ciarini’s salary?

Ciarini’s net assets are estimated at $20 million. Her source of income is singing and acting, as she is known as an actress or singer. She has also been very successful in her professional life.

Ciarini’s net worth: $20 million.

In the course of her career, she has achieved great success, so much so that she became a famous actress or singer at a very young age. She also has a law degree from the University of Pacuan in Bogor. His debut album My Lovely was released in 2008. Her full name is Rini Fatima Zaelani, but professionally she is known as Ciarini.

When we talk about her private life, we know that in 2011 she was involved in a major conflict over errors in contract management, even corruption, and with medical equipment. Frankie Muniz and Woody Harrelson make a lot of money in their careers.

After a few years in Japan, she married Reyno Baraka, a famous and wealthy businessman, in 2019. Since her wedding she has enjoyed uploading many photos to social networking sites.

How much did Ciarini earn during his career?

After her graduation she started her career as a singer in the soundtrack of Koklat Stobury’s film The Look of Love (2007).

The following year, in 2008, she released her debut album My Lovely, which earned her a reputation as an Indonesian singer. In 2010 she also released her second single, titled Last Love.

A few months later she sang the song I’m Not Ordinary. Also, without stopping, she released the single You Who Choose Me in 2011. Even her sister works with her.

That same year she became champion in the charts of several radio stations thanks to her solo song You Who Choose Me, which has much higher standards in the world. Brigitte Mendler and Justin Hartley have appeared in several films and play many leading roles.

She also won the Most Popular Singers and Most Inbound Singers titles at the 2011 Inbox Awards. So she makes a lot of money in her singing career.

His Instagram account has about 30 million followers, who form a great personality. Not for nothing is she known as Syakhrini and became a famous singer and actress.

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