How much does Tekno cost?


Shareholders’ equity 2,5 million
Real Name Augustine Miles Kelechi
Date of birth 17. December 1992.
birthplace State of Bauchi
Profession Musician/singer
Age 28
Height 1.75 m
Country Nigeria

In this article you will read about Tekno Net Worth, the beginning of life and the working life. There are many artists in Africa. Tekno is a well-known Nigerian musician. The young superstar has loved music since she was eight years old.

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Early childhood and biography

Tekno was born under the name Augustine Miles Kelechi on the 17th. December 1992, born in Bauchi State, Nigeria. Tekno has 6 siblings, 5 brothers and 1 sister. All the family members love each other.

And his father was a gunman. He died in different parts of his country. Because his father was a gunman. For that reason he travels to different parts of the country.

As a kid, he took whatever a kid wanted. When he was in school, Rick loved music. Besides studying books, he also took music lessons.

His older brother is also a musician, and he says music is the best profession. Tekno is also a writer. He wrote a lot of lyrics.

Distinctions and achievements

  • In 2015, Tekno won at 9. Music Video Awards in Nigeria, and won Best Extra Pop Video for Duro.
  • In 2016, he won Best New Actor at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards.

How much does Tekno cost?

Tekno is the richest musician in Nigeria. He collects all the riches of his career. He made a lot of money during his musical career. And so he is about to sign contracts to get his fortune.

Tekno’s net worth is about $2.5 million. In 2015, he became one of the ambassadors of MTN Nigeria. This scheme brought him a huge sum of money.

And later, in 2016, he signed a contract with Sony Music worth $1.7 million. He also owns a number of luxury cars.

How does Tekno get his net worth over the course of his life?

The fashion superstar knew all the superstars of her age under the stage. He also met many superstars and learned a lot about their lives.  Tekno is a very blessed man who found his name and wealth at a very young age, at just 28 years old.

Besides all these things, his songs and albums also brought him a huge amount of money. He makes a lot of money with his video proclivities.

These are all secrets that make the young superstar rich. All these secrets have made him one of the 20 richest musicians in Nigeria. And we expect it to increase its wealth in the future.

How much did Tekno earn during his career?

Tekno signed his first contract with K-Money Entertainment. The first song of his career, released in 2013 in collaboration with Davido. And her first song together was called Holiday.

The fifth. In October of the same year, he signed a record deal with the Made Men Music Group label. The boss of this record company advised him to go to Lagos and concentrate on his music.

Later, under the guidance of this label, he released his first single Dance in 2014. This single has gained enormous fame. The audience also gave many positive reactions to this hit song. Parallel to this great success, he released another song called Anything.

He’s also a composer, like Don Jazzy and Selebobo. Tekno, on the other hand, is seen as Davido. In 2016, Tekno earned his name and became a rich man. It has been very successful and has had great ratings and spins. Tekno breeds the best musician in Nigeria.

Album list:

In 2014, Tekno released his singles Go Low, Mess and Zima. The 18th. June 2015, he proved that he is a rising star in Nigeria. He released the music video Duro. His music video was a huge success. She also gets all kinds of positive comments from the audience.

Not long after your superstar released your song Mariah. Tekno has also released his single, titled Wash.

In the same year, the young superstar met Olamide and other amazing artists. He collaborates with other great artists. This collaboration with other superstars also makes Tekno a superstar.

In 2016, he released his singles Where, Pana and Rara. In 2017, he released his singles titled Yawa, Be, Go and Only One.

In 2018, your beloved, Choco, Yogodo, upon you. Later, in 2019, he published Woman, Body, Uptempo, Surulere and Agee.

At the beginning of the year 2020, he released his songs Beh, Puttin and Enjoy.

All of his singles have received very positive reviews. Although they are on the trend list after a period of release.

He hasn’t given up his career yet. Because of his great music style, people want many more records from this superstar. They’d love to hear it. His fans now live not only in Nigeria but all over the world.

FAQs tekno

Tekno is known as a successful singer and musician.

He’s 28 years old now. Tekno was born on the 17th. Born in December 1992.

The relationship status is not yet known.

The combat status is not yet known.

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