Pets are popular animals that differ in appearance, size, shape and colour and bring joy and support into our lives. But for other reasons, such as safety, work and help, the dog was treated centuries ago. The greater the learning capacity, the more money is needed. According to the Telegraph, the list has been merged.

1.lion and rottweiler – 7,000

The most expensive breed of dog is the lion, for which the price is $7,000. The breed is very rare because it appeared during the Renaissance and immediately became very popular.

Leo’s contractions

The modern dog comes from Germany, Belgium and France, where there are currently hundreds of them.

Beautiful, with a broad skull and round eyes. Because she is intelligent and friendly, she is ideal for life at home, even with children.

Another dog with a similar value but with different needs is a Rottweiler.

The Rottweiler breed


Strength, size and fidelity are the best characteristics of this breed. Initially it was set up to graze sheep or cows, but its role soon turned into a search and rescue operation.  The work of these dogs is mandatory in police stations and rescue teams. It can also be described as a useful hand for blind people who suffer in the environment without orientation.

2. Samoyed and a German shepherd dog – $6,500.

The second position in our rank is also shared by the Samoded, which costs up to $6,500 depending on the catchment area – a curly white dog that comes from Siberia, the land of snow and intense cold, where the main task for such a breed was grazing.

Samoyed dog breed


However, it can be used in various extreme conditions, one characteristic is always welcome: the dog is adapted to children, allowing them to live together in the same place.

Another example with the same prize is the German Sheepdog, which was introduced at the end of the 19th century. presented to the world. The main functions were protection and breeding, as agriculture developed very well at that time. There are health problems because your dog may have health problems while growing up.

Pedigree German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog

Third Canadian Eskimo – $6,000.

Third place goes to the Canadian Eskimo. The final amount needed is $6,000. The field in which it is mainly used requires strength and a lot of energy to remain active in various mixed conditions. He’s one of the oldest pedigree dogs in the world. The basic instinct is hunting, the other is only secondary.

The Canadian Eskimo breed

Canadian Eskimo

What are the best descriptions? – Brave, intelligent and alert.

4. Tiberian Mastiff – Tibetan Mastiff

A dog that can be bought at a lower price, but is still suitable for hunting and grazing, is a Siberian Mastiff. The final price is $5,000, but can be correlated with the country where it is sold. In addition, a dog gets another interesting and almost unique characteristic: he can stay awake all night and rest during the day.

Siberian Mastiff

It is a nocturnal animal that hunts particularly well in the late hours because of its high hearing. Every sound is picked up.


The last position in our evaluation concerns the breed from which the Akita descends. The price is quite solid, but not as high as in previous cases – only $3,500.

The Japanese Akita breed of dog

Japanese Akita

There are two kinds: Japanese and American. The most important feature with which you can distinguish them is colour. The other characteristics a dog can obtain are similar. What it was originally intended for – to protect the area for which it is ideally suited. There are also negative aspects: for example aggressiveness that can be shown to other dogs, but never to the owner.

Thanks to his size he is very alert and fast; his long legs give him the strength to develop great speed while running.

American Akita Hound

American Akita

In short, dogs are considered something special in our lives, whether at work or at work. But in some cases it’s not fair – he can pretend to be a supporter and even a friend who cares about you as much as possible, dares and remains loyal to the end. The breeds presented here are much more expensive, but if you assume it’s not a dog that buys – trust us, don’t miss your chance!

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