With the help of this guide, you will be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that come with university life. It’s all about making sure you don’t spend too much money, getting a good balance between your studies and social life, giving yourself enough time for everything and avoiding burn-out.

The “the ultimate university survival guide: the uni-verse pdf” is a book that has been written by a student who went back to university after being out of school for 4 years. The book includes information on how to survive in uni, as well as tips and tricks that will help you make it through your first term.

Whether you’re starting university for the first time or returning, it’s important to make sure you’re completely prepared for the next semester. You may have decided on what clothing and shoes you’ll wear on your first few evenings out, but it’s also essential to get a head start on lectures and studying – after all, you’re there to learn.

It’s critical to have everything you may need near at hand and in working condition in order to maximize your learning potential, from batteries and extension cords to a comfy chair and workstation. With this in mind, high street brand Ryman has teamed up with Checklist to provide top-notch guidance on everything you’ll need to ace your classes this year with its return to university checklist.

1. Getting online and typing


A reliable laptop is a must-have item for browsing the web and doing research, as well as putting up your findings into those lengthy essays. The ASUS VivoBook E210MA (£229.99) is a budget-friendly 11.6-inch laptop intended for everyday use. You may experience fast performance and smooth response for your daily internet surfing thanks to an Intel Celeron CPU. It also boasts a 12-hour battery life, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your charger while you’re on campus.

The ASUS W202NA-GJ0022R (£239) is a somewhat more durable laptop. It features rubber-lined sides and corners to protect it from bumps and bangs, making it perfect for those who are a little clumsy or have a tendency of cramming a lot of stuff into their backpacks or cabinets.

Here’s something a bit more up your alley if you’re searching for something to let your imagination go wild. For digital sketching, painting, and picture editing, the Wacom Intuos S Creative Pen Tablet with Bluetooth (£69.99) is ideal.

2. A flawless presentation


By bringing your own printer to university, you may avoid the bother of having to travel to the library and wait in line to print off projects. With the Epson XP-2100 Printer with 12 Month Ink Subscription Included (£59.99), you can print, scan, and duplicate what you need wirelessly and fast. You’ll also be able to print from virtually anywhere with mobile printing. Another powerful and user-friendly printer is the Epson Expression Home XP-3100 3-in-1 Wireless Inkjet (£54.99). It, too, is small, produces crisp and vivid prints, and can print from a mobile device via Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and a variety of Epson applications.

3. Designer workstations


You’ll need a desk to work at, and the elegant Bray Corner Desk is on sale for £39.99 right now! The elegant corner shape saves room, and the two shelves provide additional storage or serve as a perfect location for a printer. There’s no need to bother about threading wires or extensions through the open back, and the white finish goes with any décor. It’s time to get in fast since this is proving to be a highly popular option among students.

All work and no pleasure, as the saying goes… The Brayan Gaming Desk (£79.99) is an excellent compromise. This desk is great for gaming but will also be perfect for working since it features a wide surface with a built-in cupholder and headphone hook to keep your desktop neat and clean from accidental spills.

When working late, you need to be able to see what you’re doing, so the Status Palma Desk Lamp (£9.99) is ideal for lighting things up. This excellent bargain lamp has a classic appearance and offers enough illumination for reading in the dark, writing, hobbies, or working on the internet at night – it’s also dimmable when you’re ready to sleep!

4. Comfort reigns supreme!


You’ll never want to leave your desk with the Ophelia Velvet Tub Office Chair with Massage Pillow (£89.99). This beautiful velvet-feel upholstered chair features an extra-wide seat, a high back with armrests, and a 360-degree swivel base, as well as a smart USB powered massage cushion. Relax and enjoy being pampered while you work.

The Stylish Medium Back Executive Mesh Chair (£39.99) is another cozy choice. This chair offers hours of relaxation thanks to its air mesh upholstery back support and fixed arms. Writing an essay has never felt so wonderful.

5. Boxing dexterity


Underbed storage boxes (£14) are a fantastic choice for uni rooms with limited space (pro tip: they’re also excellent for storing towels and linen for the trip to uni!). The folding top on these Strata boxes allows for simple access, and the wheels make them easy to move in and out from under the bed.

The stackable, appropriately titled Really Useful 9 Litre Boxes (£18 for three) are another excellent purchase for carrying and storing smaller things like stationery or cooking equipment. They’re simple to grab and go, and since they’re constructed of transparent polypropylene, it’s easy to see what’s inside.

But if you want to add a bit of personality to your new uni room, the Wham Studio Basket 4.02 (£7 for three) is a good option. This stylish and functional storage box is ideal for holding bathroom amenities, cleaning supplies, and laundry items. It also comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that matches your own taste.

6. Continue to work


Do you need to use your laptop on campus? The Samsonite GuardIT 2.0 Laptop Backpack (£29.99) solves this issue. This all-around functional bag combines design, comfort, and functionality to offer you an all-round functional backpack that’s ideal for carrying your laptop and work materials – plus it’s now on sale for half price (did someone say extra money for fresher’s week!?).

7. Pay attention!


Take notes on the Pukka Recycled Pad (£7.49 for a set of three) and help the environment. These 110-page A4 feint-ruled pads are ideal for jotting notes during lectures, and they’re hole-punched so everything can be filed neatly when you get home.

What good is a well-organized bag if it doesn’t have stationery? With this Zebra Ballpen Medium Retractable Pack of 10 (£5.99), you’ll never run out of pens again. These long-lasting, rubber-grip black ballpoints are perfect for daily tasks like filling out forms, taking notes, taking tests, or simply doodling!

But arguably the most crucial stage in the stationery process. A good ol’ pack of highlighters is the only way to keep your pile of scrawled lecture notes clean and succinct. The STABILO BOSS Pastel Highlighters Pack of 8 Assorted (£9.99) are ideal for underlining key text and preparing for exams.

8. Putting the numbers together


This Casio CG-50 Graphic Calculator (£79.99) is the ideal addition to your stationery necessities if you’re a sucker for an equation (or if your course requires it). It’s the perfect companion for aspiring mathematicians and professionals, with 61 KB RAM and over 65,000 colors.

9. A clean workstation equals a clean mind.


You’ll need something to store all those odd notes and pieces of paper in one place if you want to keep your space organized and clutter-free. The Osco Bamboo Workplace Organiser is a fantastic way to keep your desk looking clean and tidy. You won’t have to go looking for a pen ever again.

10. Stick to your guns!


What is a university room without a wall covered with post-it notes, right? Make sure you have these extremely adhesive post-it notes in your backpack when the new semester begins. An excellent method to stay on top of impending deadlines and, of course, those must-attend social events. In Miami and Rio de Janeiro, get the Post-it Super Sticky Waterfall.

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The “z library” is the only survival back to university guide that you will ever need. It is a book that is written by an author who has gone through the same experience as you and now wants to help other students getting back into college.

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