Most people like expensive watches and high quality watches. There is no doubt that some unusual watches are available at an affordable price. But the watches described below are essentially the best watches with the best features.

All you need to do is to focus on the qualities of these watches and decide to choose the best option among them. All the described watches are collected from different sources, and we hope they will bring elegant joy to your life and personality.

The 20 most expensive watches in the world

Here we will list these watches according to their price. We are going to talk about the most expensive watches, collected from various sources on the internet, such as Man of Many and others.

20- Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’Ile – 1.5 million

We start our list with this amazing watch that will cost around $1.5 million as of 2021. Of course, for its price, it is only accessible to an elite clientele.

The best quality of this watch is that it is produced by the Swiss manufacturer Vacheron Constantin. It was published in 2005.

It’s a coincidence that the day the 250. The manufacturer’s birthday was.

The amazing thing about this watch is that the manufacturers only produced 7 limited edition pieces. It’s because they wanted to maintain exclusivity.

It has been described in history as the most complicated wristwatch in the world.

Invention in the industry makes it seem like he can no longer hold this title, but he still commands an impressive price and attention.

19- Major complications in Lang and Seong – 2.5M

Since its debut in 2013, this watch has become the most expensive watch in the world.

Since its invention, Lange & Sohne’s Grande Complication has become the brand’s best timepiece.

Thanks to various complications, the watch has gained its value.

Features include 876 intricate moving parts and a gold case.

The diameter is about 50 mm and the thickness is 20 mm.

In this way, all functions will contribute amazingly to the quality and excellence of the watch.

Key features include a perpetual lunar calendar, a large and small sonar with minute repeater, and a two-second chronograph.

So, all the features are really great to make the watch an exceptional level.

18- Frank Mueller Eternitas Mega 4 – $2.7 million

Ranked 17th on the list of most expensive watches, this watch is extraordinarily sophisticated.

The Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 is best known for its sophisticated features.

With 1,483 constituents, it is known for its complex properties.

The number of parts is indeed a world record, so the complexity is mostly in the beauty.

You will discover that the watch has a perpetual calendar that does not need to be adjusted for 1000 years.

It is the best choice if you choose this watch as it is the best watch of this caliber and it will surely enhance your experience.

17- Patek Philippe 1928 one-button chronograph – $3.6 million

This watch was made in 1924 and is owned by the world famous guitarist Eric Clapton.

It is really a great watch that is very famous for its best features among several other watches.

The attractive quality of this watch is that it is made of 18-karat white gold.

The unique single-pusher chronograph is also adorned with nearly 28 different and beautiful gemstones.

You can also have some kind of dial that also shows the current moon phase.

With 99 years of experience, this watch is highly regarded for its quality and craftsmanship.

16- Patek Philippe 5004T – $3.9 million

This is the best watch to come out of the discontinued 5004 series. The main purpose of the issue was to be offered at auction.

The best features of this watch are its amazing traditional counterparts and sporty look.

The fundamental elegance of the look is given by the titanium case and the contrasting stitching.

Like all other Patek Philipe models, this watch has some great features.

You shouldn’t force yourself to think it’s inferior, but it will definitely add something awesome to your experience.

Thanks to its incredible price, this watch has sparked a bidding war!

15- Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 Oyster Albino – $4M

This is our first Rolex, which is very famous for its incredible Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 Albino oyster.

The origin of the name comes from the amazing white color of the chronograph sub-dials.

The best features of this most expensive watch are the stainless steel case and bracelet and the caliber 727.

This watch, which belonged to Eric Clapton, reached a very high price, mainly because of its limited edition.

Surprisingly, only four examples were produced in this version.

14- Antique Breguet 2667 – $4.5 million

We think this is the first pocket watch on our list. It is very famous for its name Breguet Antique Number 2667.

The reason for this design was that sometimes you don’t want to wear a watch. So, this is the best option if you are wearing a pocket watch with a beautiful and elegant design. This may seem like the best option.

Among the best features of this watch are the 18-karat yellow gold and the two oscillating cases that rest on a large dial.

Its luxurious sophistication fits perfectly into a traditional design.

13- Louis Moine Meteoris – $4.6 million

It ranks 13th on our list and is the most expensive watch. Remember, this is one of the rarest watches.

There are only four watches, but you will be surprised to find that each one contains a real piece of moonstone.

Features that make it more expensive include the advanced mechanics of the add-in and the expensive materials.

Given his qualities, it’s not hard to see that he could play a big role in the industry.

The Meteoris watch collection is always a good deal, even as a set.

12- Big Bang Hublot Diamond – $5 Million

People who want some bling in their lives, then the Hublot Big Bang is one of the best options for them.

This is really a great option for your choice.

The best features of this watch are the $5 million value, the 1,280 diamonds that weigh three carats and are hand cut by jewelers in New York with over 40 years of experience.

Beyoncé gave it to her husband Jay-Z for his 43rd birthday. Birthday. It’s all about luxury style.

11- Patek Philippe Calibre 89 – $5.5 million

This is the second pocket watch on our list. It is really advanced with some of its amazing features.

It was published in 1989, when it was 150 years old. When it was invented, Patek Philippe stated that it was the most complicated watch in the world.

The best features of this watch are a weight of 1.1 kg and 1,728 components, including 33 complications and 24 hands.

If you don’t feel like wearing a wristwatch, a pocket watch of this caliber is the next best choice.

10 Patek Philippe Ref. 1527 – 5.7 m

It was made in 1943 and from the outside it looks ordinary. The best thing about this watch is that it contains over 20 different and expensive stones.

It is also made of 20 karat rose gold, which is an elegant quality.

There are two reasons for the price range. First, it is very rare and unique. Secondly, this model also served as an inspiration for several other models.

09- Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 Stainless Steel – $11 million.

This is a series of four pieces from Patek Philippe. The best quality is the high quality stainless steel case.

With an auction price of around $11 million, it stands out from most of Patek’s other luxury watches.

This is the only one with Patek’s perpetual calendar, and it’s made of steel, while the other watches are made of rose or yellow gold.

If you have exceptional money, you should expand your personality with an exceptional watch.

08 – Paul Newman Rolex Daytona – $17.6 million

Now we come to the rare watch. Who’s Paul Newman? He was a famous actor and had a passion for watches and motor sports. Because of his passions, his wife gave him this watch.

One of the best features of this watch is the unique exotic black and cream dial. According to one estimate, only one of the twenty Daytons was equipped with an exotic dial.

The reason was that they were slow to sell at first.

Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Newman was once seen wearing this watch, then the price went up. People started buying these watches and they became very famous.

07. Jacob & Co. Billionaire’s Watch – $18 Million.

The name comes from the production of 260 carat emerald cut diamonds. Billionaire watches have earned their name through their amazing features.

The best features of this watch are a beautifully elegant skeleton dial and a dazzling display of the rebellious, masculine spirit of Jacob & Co.

We also have a great article on Skeleton Watch that you may find useful. Read the story and choose according to your fashion.

When you wear this watch, you’re sure to turn a lot of heads. People will probably start talking about your beautiful watch.

06 – Patek Philip Henry Graves Super Complexity – $24 million

This is the most expensive watch on our list. It was made for a famous and wealthy American banker named Henry Graves.

Among the best features of this watch are 24 complications, a perpetual calendar, a minute repeater with Westminster chimes, sunrise and sunset times, and a celestial figure based on the night sky over the owner’s home in New York.

This is a stunning and beautiful watch to wear on your wrist.

After wearing this watch, you will be able to impress people. Quality and quantity will speak for themselves.

05- Chopard watch 201 carats – $25 million

The reason for the popularity of Chopard 201 carat watches is the name of the manufacturer.

We need to renew the name of the manufacturer, because the name is the reason for its popularity.

One of the best features of the watch is a multicolored diamond cluster with a 15-carat pink diamond, a 12-carat blue diamond and an 11-carat white diamond.

If this model doesn’t suit you, there are still 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds that will.

04- Jaeger-LeCoultre Jewellery 101 Cuff – $26 million

It was originally presented to Queen Elizabeth II to mark the 60th anniversary of her reign. The best features of this watch are 576 diamonds and a sapphire dial.

The movement is based on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101 with manual winding.

There is also a dial with a silver crown. All these features give the device something elegant and stunning.

Remember, $26 million is a good price considering his qualities. All the features are elegant and attractive, and they will enhance your personality.

03- Breguet Grande Marie Antoinette Complication – $30 million

This watch is encased in a gold case and features the most sophisticated mechanics inside.

This watch was ordered by the former mistress of the French queen Marie-Antoinette. The reason for his popularity is therefore quite obvious.

The main work on the bell began in 1782, and it received the best patent in 40 years. When it was finished in 1927, the result was very impressive.

It was a huge masterpiece of design and engineering. This watch had all the features available at the time.

The tragedy surrounding the making of the clock is that Marie Antoinette was executed before she saw it completed.

It reflects what life is all about! One minute you are confident, but the next you know nothing.

So try to live happily by making your lifestyle expensive and inclusive, and wearing the best wristwatch is also a part of personality.

02- Count the diamond Charm- $40m

If you have enough balance to show your personality and you find diamonds with a traditional look, then this is the best option to choose.

This watch was once called the most expensive.

It also contains 152.96 carats of white diamonds, which adds something amazing to the quality of this watch.

Other features of this watch include a pear-shaped diamond ring weighing 38.13 carats, which is located in the center of the watch. All these features make this watch something great.

01- Hallucination of the Graff Diamond – $55M

The Graff Diamonds Hallucination claims to be the most expensive watch in the world.

This watch is more expensive than a normal watch. You don’t have to worry about the price, because the best qualities are available at low prices.

The best quality of the watch is that it is encased in a platinum bracelet.

It also consists of 110 carats of very rare colored diamonds of various sizes and patterns.

By creating a hallucination, the boundaries of horology have been crossed, and these boundaries are now anything but normal.

These boundaries are now very elegant. Keep in mind that this is the most expensive watch…..


We hope you enjoy our list of the best watches in the world. Obviously, all watches are very good and expensive.

When we look at their qualities, we should keep in mind that their qualities are greater than their price.

So choose what you like best. You always have a choice! Pick whatever you want.

Finally, here’s a quick look at the 20 most expensive watches in the world in 2021:

  1. Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’Ile
  2. Lange & Söhne Grande Complication
  3. Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4
  4. Patek Philippe chronograph from 1928 with a single pusher.
  5. Patek Philippe 5004T
  6. Rolex Daytona referee. 6263 Albino oyster
  7. Antique Breguet number 2667
  8. Louis Moine Meteoris
  9. Hublot The Big Bang Diamond
  10. The Patek Philippe Caliber 89
  11. Patek Philippe Ref. 1527
  12. Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 stainless steel
  13. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona
  14. Jacob & Co. The watch of the billionaire
  15. The super complexity of Patek Philip Henry Graves
  16. Chopard watch 201ct
  17. Jaeger-LeCoultre Jewelry 101 Cuff
  18. Complication of the Breguet Grande Marie Antoinette
  19. Count of diamonds charm
  20. Graff’s Diamond Hallucination

Do you have questions about the most expensive watches in the world? Leave a comment below!

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