How much is Tito El Bambino worth?


Shareholders’ equity $5 million
Real Name Efrain David Fiennes Nevarez
Date of birth 05. October 1981.
Height 1.76 m
Country Puerto Rico

Tito El Bambino is the stage name of young superstar Efrain David Fiennes Nevarez. Tito El Bambino has a net worth of $5 million. He is also a great artist and a great writer. Tito was part of a famous reggaeton duo called Hector and Tito. He then resumed his study of song.

Early childhood and biography

Tito’s solo career is still thriving and he continues to make great songs to this day. Which doesn’t change his image.

His family called him Tito when he was a very sweet boy. When he says that, he becomes attached to people, as if they are all connected to him.

In his personal life he has had many romantic relationships. He is interested in the company of women and relationships.

Tito never liked to wear baggy jeans and oversized shirts. In this respect he is very different from other artists.

He established himself in the music industry at a young age, and his parents encouraged him to do the same. His first song came out when he was only 12, and he hasn’t managed to write a song since.

Tego Calderon and Lil Pump also face many challenges at a young age, but they survive and make great strides in their careers.

Distinctions and achievements

  • El Amor won four awards for Best Latin Song of the Year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.


  • You have to ignore the moment you fly.
  • It will last until the briefest second of pleasure.

How much does the Tito El Bambino network cost?

The collaboration between Tito and Hector began when they were both working on other projects. Hector Delgado was a member of the hip-hop music group Masters of Funk.

Tito and Hector met through DJ Chiclin and DJ Estefano. And their friendship turned into a duo that became famous across the country. Hector left his band with Masters off Funk and then started a collaboration with Tito.

How did Tito El Bambino make so much money?

Tito’s work remains in the sights of many manufacturers. He also offered himself as a comrade on radio programs. This really contributes to Tito’s success around the world. He began his collaboration with Hector & Tito in 1996.

Year after year, they spent time together. And in 2002 they were able to release their fourth combo album, A La Reconquista. This album was a great success in the industry and in the Latin music industry.

This compilation was considered very successful and the most popular album of all time. This album made her rich. And Tito has a net worth of $5 million.

How much did Tito El Bambino win thanks to Carrera?

Tito listened to many artists, but his favorites were Frankie Ruiz and Hector Lavoe. Their musical forms had a very good influence on Tito’s music.

For their debut album, titled Violencia Musical, the two are more in tune. This collection came out in 1998 and made the couple Hector & Tito famous all over Porto Rica.

Both Hector and Tito decided to concentrate on their solo careers. They also work with Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam.

In 2006, Tito released his debut album, titled Top of the Line. The collection was at the top of the Puerto Rican music charts.

This album featured many well-known artists such as Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. The collection consisted of twenty songs, most of which were at the top.

His second collection, released in 2007, is titled This Is My Time. Some time later, his 3. Publication of the collection entitled El Patron.

Tito started his own record label, OnFire Music. After this step, he tried to become a qualified producer. He also decides to borrow a new talent. In 2012, he released his other songs under the name Dame La Ola. There was a video.

After a while, he worked with Mark Anthony. This duet between the two superstars was very interesting. In 2014, he published his sixth collection, titled Alta Jerarquia.

These facts make Tito rich. Tito El Bambino’s net worth is $5 million.

frequently asked questions

Tito El Bambino, 39.

He has two children, Ineilis Fiennes and Gabriel Efrain Fiennes.

Tito El Bambino is known as a successful singer and musician.

He’s 39 years old now. Tito El Bambino was born on 05. Born in October 1981.

Priscilla Hernandez is Tito El Bambino’s girlfriend.

Tito El Bambino was previously married to Jessica Santiago (m 2005-2009).

frequently asked questions

How much is Tito El Bambino worth?

Tito El Bambino’s net worth: Tito El Bambino is a Puerto Rican artist with a net worth of $5 million. Tito El Bambino was born in Puerto Rico in October 1981.

What is Don Omar worth?

Don Omar’s net worth: Don Omar is a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer-songwriter and actor with a net worth of $5 million.

What is Ozuna worth?

By 2021, Ozuna will have net assets of more than $3.5 million.

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