Today we’re looking at 2015’s most successful high-end audio speakers, and today’s top pick is the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 ($2,495). The Danish design team have made a name for themselves creating some of the most exquisitely beautiful and technically best audio products on the market, and the Beoplay E8 is their latest piece with a truly unique design. They’ve brought their design approach that was originally used for a full-sized modular piece of furniture into the world of high-end audio speakers, meaning that the E8 is a two-piece device that looks like a small modular speaker with a controller, with the unit placed on top of the controller. The two pieces are connected by

There are tons of different brands of audio speakers on the market, but not all of them are created equal. They can range from cheap, entry-level affairs to high-end, boutique speakers that can be worth thousands of dollars. So if you’re looking to buy a new speaker system, you need to search out something that not only sounds good, but has style and functionality to go along with it.

Do you want to stand out not only with your looks, but also with your sound? So check out this selection of the best sounding speakers on the market.

1. Thodio EcoBox

Not only does this speaker look great, but it is also the most environmentally friendly Bluetooth speaker in the world.

The EcoBox is cut from pressed wheat residue, agricultural waste that would normally be burned. So instead of having a low carbon footprint, it actually has a negative carbon footprint.

The speaker is equipped with a highly efficient, powerful and bright 2x15W Tripath Class-T amplifier, 18 hours of battery life, 5 coaxial fiberglass drivers with soft dome tweeters and a lossless aptX/AAC HD Bluetooth receiver that offers a 300% greater range than other Bluetooth speakers.

With a 2 year warranty and completely handmade in Amsterdam, this speaker is even shipped worldwide for free!

Price: £303.54


2. Transparent speaker

This minimalist column contains only the main elements, surrounded by glass panels on either side that allow you to see the internal technology at work: A statement about timeless, modular electronics that fits into any environment – the manufacturers say, and we think it looks good too!

Transparent adapts its speakers to achieve the most accurate reproduction possible, which comes very close to a real studio recording. The goal is to convey the true intentions of the musicians to the listener, using the best sound engineers in the world to tune the digital sound processor to achieve absolute transparency.

With an output power of 140 W and a frequency response of 35 Hz – 20 kHz, the specially designed 6-inch woofer ensures highly controlled sound reproduction. So you can listen to your favorite music wirelessly via Bluetooth and play it through two speakers.

Price: £775


3. Gradient Helsinki 1.5

Designed and hand-assembled in Finland by professional craftsmen, Gradient Helsinki can be customized to your taste with a variety of colors and natural wood veneers.

These striking looking speakers are designed to deliver the best sound in any environment. By directing more of the speakers’ high and mid frequencies to the listener and less to the reflective surfaces of the room, the listener hears more of the original recording.

These speakers are designed to be customizable: The Helsinki’s bass response/playback can be easily adjusted by tilting the speaker. The more you bend, the louder the bass will be! Ideal to show off to friends.

Price: 4016 €


4. Luxury Acoustics DAF-350

With production in St. Petersburg, Russia, and distribution via its partner in Hamburg, Germany, Deluxe Acoustics is a truly global design brand. Deluxe Acoustics produces high quality spherical hi-fi speakers with a unique design and first class sound. They are handcrafted from the finest materials and equipped with innovative technologies.

Thanks to its unique spherical shape and patented technology, the sound it produces is airy, clear, rich and multidimensional.

Available in a range of colours and finishes, including floor, table, wall and bookshelf models, the soft-touch coatings help reduce sound distortion and improve midrange and treble response.

Price: £1540


5. Bossa Moonraker

For all the James Bond fans: Furnish your secret base in futuristic style with these floorstanding speakers from California-based designer and manufacturer Bossa.

Their Class D amplifiers each have an output of 150 W RMS: one for low frequencies 50 W RMS x 2, the other for high frequencies 25 W RMS x 2. These Moonrakers work wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with support for AAC and aptX.

Bossa claims that its low-diffraction, low-resonance driver has exceptional acoustic properties thanks to the Moonraker’s curved polymer housing design, which essentially means that if you own one, you can look and sound as sweet as 007 himself!

Price: £1740


6. OM Audio ONE floating speaker

With this speaker, the isolation of the speaker from the stand has been perfected to the highest degree. OM Audio’s ONE is an innovative electromagnetically levitated speaker design that eliminates external distortion by isolating the 3.6″ driver from its base. OM/ONE connects to mobile devices and computers via Bluetooth 4.0 and has a range of 15 metres.

The speakers can be paired together for room-filling sound, with each speaker able to produce 100dB volume for 15 hours on a single charge and an amplifier of just 3W.

Price: £180 /


7. Construction of the spinnaker

High-end technology combined with innovative design creates this modern bookshelf speaker. With its Viking horn design, sturdy flat base and stylish domed remote control, this insane modern technology will be a natural conversation piece when it appears in your home!

This bookshelf speaker not only won a design and technology award at the Consumer Electronic Show Innovations, but also has many features that set it apart from the rest. With DSP technology, loud, powerful volume and precise details, the 2.6-inch silk dome tweeters in the front and the 2.75-inch midrange driver, reinforced by 4-inch subwoofers, create a penetrating sound image.

Available in black or burgundy, this artistically diverse but high-quality audio set will impress in the room!

Price: £217


8. Aerotwist Cordless Pot

This AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker from Jarre Technologies by Jean Michel Jarre is designed to be rotated and attached to anything, such as a bag strap, arm or bike frame.

This premium device with aptX and A2DP wireless connectivity, including NFC, offers 10 hours of playback on a single charge. The AeroTwist has a 3.5mm audio jack, allowing it to be connected to most analog devices via a cable.

This speaker has a built-in microphone, so it can be used as a hands-free set for your mobile phone, at the beach, in the car or elsewhere.

It’s time to get caught up for the summer!

Price: £99


9. Bang & Olufsen Emerge

Designed to fit anywhere in your home, this sleek WiFi speaker delivers ultra-wideband, full-range sound.

Thanks to a revolutionary speaker configuration developed by Bang & Olufsen engineers, the tiny drivers are specially positioned to produce full-range sound with crisp, piercing clarity.

The 4″ diameter woofer produces omnidirectional bass wherever it’s aimed, and the ultra-thin profile with its book-inspired design offers a footprint of just 6.7 inches.

Price: € 669


10. Estelon Extreme

The handcrafted cabinet has an elegant two-tone finish, making this speaker a true gem that doesn’t need to boast about its performance!

With a frequency response of 20-45,000 Hz and 500 W of power, these impressive speakers will fill your home with rich, warm sound.

Price: £173,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top 10 speaker brands?

1. Bose 2. JBL 3. Klipsch 4. Polk Audio 5. Sony 6. Yamaha 7-10 are not listed 1. Bose 2. JBL 3. Klipsch 4. Polk Audio 5-6 are not listed 7. Sony 8. Yamaha 9. Bowers & Wilkins 10. JBL

Which brand is best for speakers?

The best brand for speakers is Bose.

Which are the best speakers in the world?

The best speakers in the world are Bose speakers.

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