Best anime series

Every year, many serious animated films appear in all languages. Japanese animation is still a special animation that will be broadcast on television from the 1990s until 2020. One of the best examples is Shinchan, Hagemaru, Doremon and others. They were the only favourites of the children of the nineties, who still take care of the children until they get older. Anime is a word derived from Japan, which means above all an anime series created by the Japanese.

Top 20 best anime everyone should see

The very first anime that went viral and was broadcast on television was TetsuwanAtomu on Fuji television in 1963, also called Astro Boy in English. Here’s an article describing the top 20 anime series that everyone should see, whether they’re classic or brand new.

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Curtain hanger

This is where the countdown for the Anime starts every 20 people are sure to like.

#20 Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya

The best animation everyone should watch.

It is a comedy, science fiction, a piece of life from a simple novel, which was asynchronously animated and broadcast in 2006 and had a large following before being broadcast in the 2000s for his simple novel. This anime describes the life of the SOS Brigade (School Club), founded by the heroine Haruhi Suzumiya, who is obliged to observe the anime.

#19 Bokudakegainai Machi

Satoru Fujinuma is one of the characters who send him away just before the accident, when Boku-Dakegainai Machi follows him to escape the death of one of his comrades. This is the best anime series, which is a feeling and a fast story.

#18 Detective Conan

It is also known as the Closed Case, which was published weekly on Sundays in 1994. It was an incredible school thriller that was animated later in 1996 and stole the hearts of all the adults and children who appeared regularly on the big screen that year.

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#17 No game no life

No game No life

It was a triumphant group of players called Sora and half sister Shiro with the help of two hikikikomori who made the identity of the black people, where they watched the real world with another lousy duet game. They went to a strange email to win a game of chess that could make everything back to normal.

#16 Purple evening garden

Purple evening garden

The Purple Evening Garden was published in 2018 by the famous Japanese animation studio Kyoto Animation. Later, in April 2020, a brand new film was released, entitled Violet Evergarden, which depicts the life of the young girl Violet, who writes for others like a souvenir doll from a car.

#15 Attack of the Titan

This is one of the famous action and dark fantasy series that was released in 2009 and officially animated and broadcast in 2013. Mankind is standing on a knife where evil called Titans eats a human being. Eren Eger and Mikasa Ackerman will fight with other policemen against these Titans to save humanity.

#14 Anokhana: The flower we saw that day

This is a short series of 11 episodes, a heartbreaking Japanese anime, currently called Anokhana. It starts with a story in which the heroes play games and don’t go to high school, in which one of Dzintan’s childhood friends, who died in a car accident a year ago, appears as a ghost.

#13 Seven deadly sins

It is an action-packed series with a fun little romance that is different from the Seven Deadly Sins series. It was first aired in 2014 and was nominated and reissued in 2015-2016.

#12 Dragonball

This action-adventure series was aired in 1984 and is a very big anime fanbase, where he has many episodes and his new series was released in 2015 under the name Dragon Ball super. The lead role is Dragon Ball Z, where the plot becomes one of the best of the anime series.

#11 Shokugeki no Suma

Shokugeki, but Suma

This is a girl based on a story about food in a world where all the characters eat all the food in the world and tear off their clothes because of their sense of taste. It’s full of food and working girls who want to improve their skills.

Top 10 anime series

#10 Pokémon


It is one of the top ten anime of all time, released in 1997 as the first anime in the world. Pikachu has fans of domestic and foreign bots, whose latest episodes will be broadcast worldwide from 2019, as well as many game series.

#9 Death note

Note on death

It’s a mind game where the Bright Boys find a piece of paper with a lot of people’s names on it and those people are going to die. It consists of 37 episodes that were broadcast weekly between 2003 and 2006.

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#8 Haikuu!!


It is an inspiring sports series with a team of two men, one small and one big. The little character works hard to score points with his speed and crazy jumps, beating the bad guys to become the best team.

#7 The JoJo fantasy adventure

It is a mysterious adventure of the Jostar family, which was launched in 1987 with 8 pieces. 2018-2019 will be the new adaptation of part 5. Part of The Golden Wind will be aired, highlighting unique battle scenes.

#6 Linear Sword Art II

Swordplay Online II

This is a virtual sequel to the SOA 1 game, which is full of sword fights with some fun pistol actions and curves.

#5 Part

One detail

The boy becomes a pirate king, where he deploys a good pirate crew and maneuvers the crew in Raftel, a series of adventures with difficulties to swim freely and reach his destination.

#4 A man of shock

A man with punch

This is a series of superheroes that tells the story of Saitama who saves people from evil in one fell swoop, looking for an enemy who is bored by the lack of calls due to the tormented violence.

#3 Klannad

This is the story of a poor girl from the third school who lost her mother and started not to like her life. After the death of his mother, his father became an alcoholic and often argued with his son. It is a touching story about a girl struggling for a happy life.

#2 Hunter x Hunter

This is a multi-part series of action, adventure, character development and cool battles in which viewers are particularly interested in the exciting and cool battles and unpredictable characters that will be aired in 2011.

#1 Gas code: Eyelash tax

The story is based on a terrorist attack and the search for the mysterious daughter Lelouch, where he decides to find her mother’s killers and destroy the enemies to create a world in sight. The series, especially more vocal than the subtitles, can be better combined with these cute characters.

Last words

An article from the point of view of the public will certainly help people to find the best time to promote the anime series in their free time with the children. Go surfing and have fun!

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