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Do you like watching cartoons? Looks like the more we follow, the more we find out. Some people like action cartoons with epic battles, and others like mysterious cartoons to solve puzzles. But cartoons are appreciated by everyone because they contain simple stories and deserve to be laughed at. Take a look at these lists of the best comic anime that can make you laugh like that. You can also read the 20 best anime.

Top 20 best cartoons everyone should see

1. DanshiCookway, but Nitijou

Danshi-Kokuei, but Nitizhou

It’s not a love story or a romance. But a group of friends named Hidenori, Tadakuni and Yoshitake make their way through puberty. This comedy about self-confidence makes you laugh because it is connected to real life.

2. Nichizhou


Nitizhou is the best comic anime dedicated to the daily life of the family trio Naganohara Mio, Ayoi Yuko, Minakami Mai and Shinonome. This anime is filled with a healthy comedy that includes various forms of mockery and madness.

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3. Official x department

Servant x Service

The story tells the daily life of employees of a government institution in Mitsuba, a fictional city in Hokkaido. This high-level comedy anime features a few shots of humour and surprises, with Hasebe Yutaka, Yamagami Lucy and Miyoshi Saya, a newcomer.

4. Aho Girls

Aho Girls

The story of a very stupid high school girl named Yoshiko Hanabatake who always gets 0 points in all exams. He has a strange obsession with bananas and does stupid things with his childhood friend Akuru every day. Take a look and you’ll laugh at every scene.

5. Minami Ke

Minami Ke

This comic fragment from the anime life follows the story of three sisters who do their best but accidentally end up in a family of three brothers with the same surname. You can probably guess the rest. So take a look!

6. Asobase


Central to the film is the story of a smart but stubborn student named Hanako, who has a great sense of fashion. Other important people are Olivia and her classmate Kasumi. It’s very similar to the light version of Nichijou with lots of parodies and humour.

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7. Sakurasu no pets naKanojo

Sakurasu no pets on Kanoho.

A romantic comedy, hosted by Kanda Sorata, who moves to Sakurasu, where he is forced to become Mashiro’s guardian. It is an animated romantic comedy and at the same time an inspiring fairy tale about dreams and passion that can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

8. Slam Dunk


Slam Dunk is the story of Hanamichi-Sakuragi, a bad boy from Shohoku High School, who falls in love with basketball fan Haruko Akagi. The anime shows more and more the value of development to improve over time. It’s worth considering in every way.

9. Simoneta – YuGainengSonzai Sinai TaikutsunaSekai

Simoneta - YuGeinengSonzai Sinai TaikutsunaSekai

Anime is a mixture of humour and strict moral laws. The story begins with Tanukichi Okuma entering his new school. He had only one intention, namely to follow the example of Anna Nishikina, the president of the student council.

10. KonoSubarashiiSekainiShukufuku true!

KonoSubarashiiSekainiShukufuku true!

The feature film about the happy adventurous life of ex-Giquinita Kazuma and the stupid goddess Aqua, who defeats the king of demons, begins! The story begins with Satou Kazuma, a country boy who died very unpleasantly, and there, in the afterlife, he meets the goddess Aqua.

11. Gintama

Gintama is an anime comedy series full of humour and madness. Here Gintoki Sakata, known as Yorozuya Gin, carries the soul of a samurai. He is ruthless and willing to take on any challenge with his comrades.

12. It’s working!

Work!!, published in English territory under the name Wagnaria!!, is a four-volume Japanese comic book that follows the activities of unusual workers (Sota and one of his classmates Popura) in one of the departments of the Wagnaria family’s restaurant chain.

13. My fiancée is a mermaid (Seto no Hanayome)

It is a romantic comedy about a little boy who is saved from drowning by a mermaid. But according to the law of the siren – if a person sees the true form of the siren, then both must be performed. The only solution for him is to marry her and be part of the mermaid family.

14. Arakawa below deck

The history of Coe Ichinomiya has always been shaped by the faith of his wealthy family. But one day, under the Arakawa Bridge, a homeless girl, Nino, saved her life. To repay her, Coe declares herself her boyfriend. It’s a heartbreaking funny anime that will make you laugh.

15. Hataraku-Mau-Sama! (The devil is a timer!)

Hataraku-Mau-Sama! (The Devil is Part-Time) is about Satan, who arrived in modern Japan and works at McRonalds. The entertaining plot of this funny anime is enhanced by a variety of stupid characters.

16. Tuition fees

School Rumble is a romantic anime comedy aimed at an older audience. It concerns the relationship between Japanese high school students who are part of the triangular relationship. Among the heroes are Tenma Tsukamoto, Kenji Harima and one of Oji Karasuma’s classmates.

17. Guest Club of the Ouran University (OuranKoukou Guest Club)

The anime reflects Haruhi Fujioka, a Hurricane High School scholar, and other members of the successful guest club. This romantic comedy focuses on relationships inside and outside the club.

18. Great Teacher Onizuka

It is a classic comic anime that revolves around the story of an eccentric and naughty teacher. At the age of 22, Eikichi Onizuka outlined everything that preceded the establishment of the educational system. His methods are considered strange and often dangerous.

19. Azumanga-Dayo

It is a sweet and funny anime that captures the daily misfortunes of Mr. Yukari, Mr. Kurosawa, the wild Tomo, the hairy Yomi, the daring Kagura, the Osaka-Ditzy, the soft Chiyo-chan and the athletic (but female) Sakaki. I’m sure this will make you laugh.

20. Sakigake! Cromartie Cook (University of Kromart)

The story revolves around Takashi Kamiyama, a typical high school student with gentle manners – with a politeness and a slightly above average IQ. The question is whether this boy will be enrolled at the infamous Cromartie High School, known as the home of the most hardened criminals.

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