Age 39
Place of birth Manchester, UK
Place of birth Barcelona
Marital status single
Occupation orgasm activist
Current career 2014
Triple net worth
Caucasian ethnicity
Hair colour red
Eye colour green
Height 5′ 7″
Weight 114 kg.

Venus O’Hara is a YouTuber, activist, role model, author and orgasm. Venus worked as a broker. It accepted this position in committee after the financial crisis caught up with it.
She worked from Monday to Friday, showing the house to various parties and only received a commission if the deal was confirmed. Venus belongs to Manchester, but lives in Barcelona. From the beginning she had this sexual energy that made her follow in the footsteps of the sex secretary. Their criticism focused on the toys that would be best for women’s orgasms. She also encourages self-esteem and talks about taboo subjects.

Venus O’Hara Organic: Age, beginning of life

Venus O’Hara is a well-known sex toy tester and fetish model who currently lives in Barcelona. She speaks French and Spanish and has spent most of her time in Paris and Madrid.

Venus O’Hara Career details

She says she has achieved her life goals through the technique of sexual transmutation. Venus says she teaches women to love themselves. According to her, a woman’s self-esteem can make her dreams come true. Since 2014, Venus has tested and analyzed more than 500 sex toys. In the interview she said that every orgasm she’s had so far had some kind of intention.

She earns her living with blogs, sponsored reviews on the YouTube channel and affiliate marketing. Venus has written three books: Love Me Like You Hate Me, in English for Perverts and The Mask of Venus. In addition, Venus is known as the girl with 100 faces. She also made her debut in the fetish film Love Me Like You Hate Me.
She also admitted to having ten highlights a week. She called the orgasm the relief of pain and insomnia.

Venus O’Hara Training details

Little is known about the age and education of Venus O’Hara, except for her career.

Early career development Venus O’Hara

She started as a model. She started her own photo blog. She published a fetish glossary with her photos. This fetish glossary contains bondage, lipstick, apron fetish, glitter, spanking and much more. She wrote books on self-esteem. She described: I have a holistic approach to self-love, and orgasm is part of that. I want to encourage people to love each other more, to do regular treatments and massages in the spas – to take care of themselves.

Net Assets of Venus O’Hara

Although Venus never disclosed her earnings, she said in an interview that she started earning more after becoming a sex toy reviewer. This income was three times her income from her job as a real estate agent.

Venus O’Hara Dating History and Wedding Details

Venus is currently single and does not intend to enter into a relationship. Venus explained that she does not depend on her partner to reach orgasm. Besides, she said: Before I was organically independent, I was perhaps more inclined to choose a man who was good in bed but toxic to me.

She’s single at the moment. She’s had a relationship in the past, but not anymore. She also revealed in the interview that she had no intention of entering into a relationship. It’s because she wants to dominate during sex. She gives priority to her sexual desires over those of her partners. She says the public doesn’t like it when she’s working on a taboo. That’s why no one’s interfering with her. In the interview she said that I haven’t ruled out the possibility of a relationship in the future. I believe anything is possible, and according to the laws of attraction, if you want it enough, it will happen. If the right person comes along who loves me and respects me for who I am, great, and if not, fine.

Venus O’Hara Body measurements

Venus O’Hara is a subtle tester of sex toys and a vegan. By the way, Venus is a woman in her 30s, redheaded. The glamorous green eye makes it even more beautiful and attractive. She also has Caucasian nationality. She has an exciting height and weight. Her size is about 5′ 7″ and she weighs 114 pounds, which makes her even more elegant.

Venus O’Hara Cars and House

We don’t know much about the way of life on Venus. In an interview she revealed that she reached her dream apartment after becoming an orgasm activist.

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