Vera Riberio is the wife of the Portugal national football team’s goalkeeper and captain, Rui Patricio. She is a 25 year old housewife living in Lisbon, Portugal. She was born on July 13, 1993 and she is a Portuguese beauty and fashion blogger who is known for her candid looks and fashion style.

Vera Riberio is the wife of Portuguese soccer star Rui Patricio. She is mostly known for her Instagram account @verariberio and for being wife of a soccer player. She is also well known for her clean and smart life. Her Instagram account is filled with beautiful images of her living a healthy life and being happy.

Rui Patricio is constantly in the news in Portugal thanks to his brilliant football career. In recent years, media attention has focused on another man, Patricio. She is as active, charming and talented as the footballer himself. It is his wife, Vera Riberio, clinical psychologist and sexologist, who urges Portugal to be more open about physical intimacy in relationships.

Vera’s professional biography

Although her age and birthplace are unknown, she is a well-known figure in the football world. It turned out that the third time was really a charm for Rui’s personal life. Vera currently has two children. Now living with him in the UK, she sometimes communicates with her fans in English and Portuguese. In 2018, she made headlines for encouraging athletes to masturbate before tournaments. There are still sources on this incident that has put her in the spotlight for a long time. Your well-reasoned advice contradicts the idea that abstinence before training can improve athletic performance.

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The Brain also has a book entitled Manual de Sedução. Translated as The Seduction Guide, it contains some of the rawest and most creative ways to spice up the bedroom. In the past, she has also contributed to the Portuguese journal Revista VIP, which deals with psychological issues.

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Vera Riberio is a very kind, courageous and open-hearted person who is actively trying to change society’s attitude towards sex and intimate relationships. His overall personality and attitude exude sophistication and confidence.

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