Alan Henning (1967-2014) was a taxi driver in Sanford, England, before traveling to Syria in 2013 and volunteering there. He was kidnapped and killed by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, whose beheading video was released in 2014.

Henning is the fourth Western prisoner to be killed by the organization, after the organization’s decapitation videos of U.S. reporters James Foley and Steven Sotloff and Scottish volunteer David Haines helped volunteers.

Alan Henning’s family records

Alan Henning was born on the 15th. August 1967, born in Eccles, Lancashire, England. He was a taxi driver in Sanford, Greater Manchester, in the northwest of England. Then, in December 2013, he went to Syria and volunteered there. He is married to Barbara and has two children.

Alan Henning’s private life

He worked as a taxi driver and then went to Syria to deliver goods and supplies to war-affected civilians.

On the 26th. In December 2013, he was kidnapped during an ISIL football match in the Syrian city of Al-Dana. At the time, he was working as a taxi driver for Worcester-based charity Al-Fatiha Global. It was also reported that his colleagues warned him not to cross the Syrian border, as it was risky and life-threatening at the time, but he insisted on following the rescue operation himself.

Alan Henning was first seen at the end of the David Haynes execution video, released on 13. September 2014, and was named by Mohammed Emwazi (The Executioner) as the next target.

The British Foreign Office then began negotiating for his release, but on 3… In October 2014, a video of his beheading was released, blaming the executioner for the involvement of British forces in the US-led ISIS attacks.

The killing comes after Britain launched airstrikes against Islamic State (ISIS), along with the United States and its Arab allies (Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates), which attacked the group within days.

Before the beheading, he spoke of the coalition of several nations involved in the attacks on Iraq and Syria.

The end of the video shows the endangering of the life of Peter Kassig, who was also an American aid worker.

Video decapitation reaction

British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the innocent murder, calling it unforgettable. He orders the secret services (MI5, MI6, etc.) to capture or kill his assassins at all costs. The policies of the United States, Britain and the Allies hardened after this incident. In 2015, Mohammed Emwazi was killed in a drone strike after Henning’s execution.

Christian and Muslim communities around the world have condemned his murder as murder.

In an interview with Al Qaeda magazine, spokesman Adam Gadahn condemned the innocent murder of Alan Henning.

The 5th. In October 2014, churches across Bolton prayed for Henning. The Bolton Interfaith Council and the Bolton Council of Mosques, which held a vigil for Henning before his death was announced, said they would continue to pray for him. A memorial service was held at Eccles Parish Church, in the presence of Henning’s widow. Islam Zulfiqar, Shamil’s friend and fellow warrior, has set up a memorial fund to raise £20,000. Until 9 o’clock. By October 2014, the Muslim community had raised £30,000 to support Henning’s family. On the 12th. Another memorial service was held in October at the British Muslim Heritage Centre, organised by Henning’s friends and humanitarian colleagues, and attended by more than 600 people.

The seventh. In October, former Moazzam Begg said he had offered to intervene to get Henning released.

Muslims in Britain have also condemned the murder of Alan Henning, pointing out that ISIS has dishonored respect for Islam and made victims of Henning and the Muslims arrested with him. While London supporter Mizanur Rehman justified the murder. However, it has been heavily criticized everywhere.

The 15th. In October 2014, Barbara Keeley petitioned PM Questions for a national honorable mention in recognition of Henning’s sacrifice and support of his widow and children. David Cameron agreed and said it would be wise to consider his proposal.

On 1. In April 2020, allegations were made that the Henning charity breached its duty to protect Henning and other volunteers while they were working in Syria.

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