MC Eiht is a rapper, producer and actor. He is also the founder of the rap group Compton’s Most Wanted that he started with DJ Yella and Dr. Dre.

MC Eiht is an American rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his solo career and work with the rap group Compton’s Most Wanted.


Review of the Book Aaron Tyler is known with his stage moniker MC Eiht. He is a native of Compton, California, and is well-known for his talents. His settings were created based on his experiences in Compton. He put in long hours to ensure that his team was formed. Kendrick Lamar, the rapping maestro, regards him as such. His net worth is believed to be over $400 million. Aaron Tyler is a rapper who was born on May 22, 1971, in Augusta, Georgia, United States of America.

From his childhood, he has been interested in making a living by writing rap music. There is no information about his qualifications or parentage accessible. He has dedicated himself to producing a number of their unique hit quantities. Eiht had a childhood in which he saw the ways of life. He was too little to remember when his parents started to distance themselves from one another. Ge left the family to live in Oklahoma, and he knew his father was a free-spirited person. His mother, on the other hand, continued to have more children. Because of his family’s poverty, he had to put up with a lot. But he knew he’d make it when he integrated some of the associations his family had made as a result of their poverty. MC joined, but because to his background and his training, he realized he needed to make certain decisions and abandon the practices. His notoriety caused him to stop doing things that were unlawful, and he went on to write some beautiful songs. His songs were often featured in the Billboard Charts, and he finally came up with three tracks with which he began his solo career, working with his group’s producer DJ Slip on a religious number called “Streight Up Menace.”

MC Eiht Confirms Summer Release of “Keep It Hood Part 2” EP — via @hiphopdx

March 25, 2018 — EIHT (@eiht0eiht)

” It was one of the greatest debut albums. He then prepared the launch of his next solo show, “We Come Strapped,” which charted on Billboard’s R&B charts and earned him a gold certificate. He became associated with two other Disc Jockeys, DJ Quick, who was a well-known kid rapper, and DJ Premier, who was regarded as a master of rap songs by Kendrick Lamar. It was a movie. Soon after, he signed with Sony’s Epic Street label and began work on a full-length solo album titled “We Come Strapped.” The record had gotten to the point where it was about to close. His additional albums featured a variety of epic releases, such as “Death Threatz” and “The Last Man Standing.” He first appeared in the calendar year 2004 with Veteran’s Day. He then went on to launching a number of solo album recordings that are only available via CMW. Despite the movie’s acclaim from Hughes Brothers, he was awarded the First Annual SourceMagazine Award for an exceptional performance for his fantastic cameo role. 1′′ and a slew of other noteworthy tries MC Eiht seems to be a unique person. He’s done it. He has an easy existence composing songs and writing some of the most amazing rap verses. It’s unclear if he’s single or in a relationship with someone. But he’s too preoccupied with his work to become involved in a romance. He just does not have the time and keeps himself occupied.

MC Eiht is a rapper who was born in Compton, California. He has been in the rap game for over 30 years and is currently worth $3 million. Mc Eiht’s son is named Emancipator and he also has two daughters. Reference: mc eiht wife.

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