Ryan Higa is an American actor, comedian, YouTube personality and filmmaker. He is best known for creating the comedy sketch series “Nigahiga” which he starred in alongside his friends Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Deji Olatunji and Marcus Johns.

Ryan Higa is an American actor, comedian, and YouTube personality. He has a net worth of $8 million dollars. His brother is also named Ryan Higa. He is the father of two children with his wife.


Ryan Higa, a fighter who has amassed wealth and fame as a result of an American YouTube persona. With his YouTube schedule, he has honed his skills as an actor, comedian, and producer. His YouTube effort has bestowed upon him the moniker Nigahiga. Over 3 billion views have been acquired by the innovative YouTube star, and over 19 million readers have shown a strong commitment to his station Nigahiga. Ryan’s revenues aren’t restricted to advertising and this YouTube channel sponsorship. Ryan makes money on the site through films, phone shows, and the goods store, in addition to the station’s revenues. His efforts had resulted in a sizable profit.

Life in the past Ryan Higa was in need of a source, thus he was produced from the hold on June 6, 1990. Luci Hega and Wendel Higa developed the YouTuber. Kyle Higa, his younger brother, was reared alongside him. Ryan had a black belt and had studied Judo since he was a child. At 2008, he demolished the faculty’s fencing and enrolled in Waiakea School. School After graduating from High, Ryan expressed interest and enrolled in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Ryan’s lifestyle drifted on an altogether other viewpoint before entering this specific chapter of his lifetime span of filmmaking. He aspired to work in medicine as a specialist. He had just recently developed an interest in making films with his buddies, which he then shared with his family members. With the passage of time, his attention and effectiveness rose, and he decided where to focus his efforts. In 2006, he made his first attempt on YouTube. The videos’ fans started to show their appreciation, which prompted Ryan to focus on his own creation.

Ryan’s career began when he and his friends Sean Fujiyoshi founded the radio station “Nigahiga.” The Yabo Crew is made up of Tim Enos and Tarynn Nago. The name ‘Nigahiga’ is a mix of two terms and Ryan’s surname. It should be noted that if Ryan and Sean studied at their School, they may have uploaded their own films on YouTube. The films were based on the singer’s lip-synced songs. After a time, the focus of their campaign changed to the creation of videos. Videos have been added to the show’s ‘How To Make’ section to go along with all of the ‘Tips’ for becoming a ninja gangster or nerd. These films grew in popularity on the internet and on the YouTube platform, and were highly regarded by fans and followers. Ryan is a comedian who wrote, directed, and produced his own videos. Kyle Chun is known for his action films. Guests included Ryan Villaruel, Tim Enos, and Tarynn Nago. Because of his radio station, ‘Nigahiga,’ he has a large number of subscribers. His YouTube celebrity’s second station, ‘HigaTV,’ was created in 2011 and has over 4. 5 million subscribers. He was so hot that he became the YouTube character with over 3 million subscribers. Ryan’s videos left Taylor Swift, a well-known star, in the dust. It’s worth noting that the ability was first noticed by Variety Magazine in 2015, as a result of the Digital Star Ranking. His channel had over 2. 9 billion views, with the ‘Nice Guys’ flicks being the most popular. Since the popularity of two friends, Sean and Ryan, grew, Richard Van Vleet, the manager, assisted and suggested in the production of ‘Ryan and Sean are Excellent Adventure,’ in which both pals performed the role. Tim Enos (‘Ninja Melk’) and Tarynn Nago co-starred in Ryan. Among his creations, he likes his 35-minute film, “Representatives of Secret Materials,” which included YouTubers and other celebrities. Ryan had broadcasted ‘Off the Pill’ on his station, which was devoid of tablets and surrounded by cameras. Later, a video titled “About the Pill” appeared. Ryan had switched from being a YouTuber to comedy in the prior part of his life due to a copyright suspension from the movies. Monetization gained traction, and many businesses were able to reap the benefits. Ryan decided to pursue a career as a composer. When he was studying medicine in Las Vegas, he made one of his films himself with the help of YouTubers. Ryan Higa Production Company was founded in 2012 by him and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi to produce videos. Ryan also founded Ryan Higa Foundation Inc., a charitable organization. Tarynn Nago was Ryan’s life partner for decades. In 2010, there was a breakup in the relationship. Ryan concentrates on the task at hand rather than dwelling on the criticism. He believes that rather than being specific, he should participate in everything. Because he’d seen the sorrow of racism at the age of 22, he’d learnt to deal with demeaning comments from his school days.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This is a question that cant be answered with any accuracy.

Are Ryan and Arden still together?

A: Yes, they are still together.

What is NigaHiga doing now?

A: NigaHiga is now retired.

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