Xoey Jones

Xoe Jones is an American personality, dancer and social media content writer. Xowie Jones is widely known for providing comedy content and lip-sync on her TikTok account, @xowiejones.

In the same way it is known by its Instagram account, where it has about 680K followers.

Why is Xoey Jones famous?

  • American social media personality, dancer and content writer.
  • She is known for sharing her comic content and lip-sync with others.

How old is Xoey Jones? Biology, age, nationality, family

Xoe Jones was killed on the 30th. August 1999, born in the United States. She’s 21 since 2020. She’s American by nationality, but her ethnicity is unknown. Exactly the same. His birthmark is the Virgin Mary.

Xoey Jones Title : Xoey Jones (Source: Pinterest)

As far as his family is concerned, there is no detailed information about his father and mother. She hasn’t passed on any information about her siblings either.

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Did you know about this?

  • How old is Xoey Jones? Xoey Jones was killed on the 30th. August 1999, born in the United States. She’s 21 since 2020.
  • The net worth of Xowie Jones is approximately $3.5 million based on 2020 data.
  • Xoey Jones is a lesbian? She’s a dyke.
  • How long is Xoey Jones? She’s six feet tall.

Educational details

There is no detailed information about their training. She has not disclosed any information about her qualifications.

All about his career

Speaking of careers: She started her career as a TickTock star. She created her TikTok account under the name @xowiejones and started publishing videos, dances and lip-sync comedies. Most of his entertainment videos have become viral and include TikTok stars with their unique sense of fashion, piercing and colorful hair. It has become more popular because of the many piercings on the face and the brightly colored hair.

She also did lip-sync with Rico Nasty’s songs. So far she has uploaded about 335 videos to her TikTok account. She has over 5.9 million fans and has collected over 130.2 Likes in her videos.

Xoey Jones Title : Xoey Jones (Source: Pinterest)

She has also supported or promoted a number of social media brands including Multidimensional Witches, Farewell Bread, Koi Shoes, Disturbia, UniWigs and NotNoen Clothing. At the beginning of 2019 she also organised a photo session in the laundry room.

It also has a channel on YouTube, which it will broadcast on the 23rd. July 2019. However, she hasn’t posted any video on her channel yet.

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Net assets (2020) and wages and salaries

Talk about income: She earned her living as a star of TikTok, but also by promoting different brands. After 2020, its net value is estimated at around $3.5 million.

Xoey Jones is single? Friend? Lesbian?

Xoey Jones is a lesbian. She’s not married right now. She didn’t disclose any information to the public about her status in a relationship. She keeps her private life a secret.

How long is Xoey Jones? Weight?

He is 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighs about 50 kg. She also has beautiful eyes and brown hair. She has pierced ears, nose and septum and tattoos on her body.

Xoey Jones Title : Xoey Jones (Source: Pinterest)

Appearance of social networks

She has an account at Instagram, where she has about 680,000 followers. The YouTube channel of the same name also has more than 7,4,000 followers.

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