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How much does Iruma cost?

Net Power 4 million
Real Name Lee Ru-Ma.
Profession Zing
Height 1.8 m
Date of birth February 15, 1978.
Age 41
birthplace Seoul
Country South Korea

Lee Ru-Ma is a South Korean artist whose stage name is Yiruma. He is one of the fastest growing artists in Asia and is gaining notoriety. Yiruma has a net worth of $4 million.

He is often known for his favorite music collections “River Flows In You” and “Kiss the Rain.” These popular albums have not only appeared on television, but are also used in many games and movies.

Early childhood and biography

Yiruma was born on February 15, 1978. Born in the capital of South Korea. He has been interested in music since he was five years old. A child of five does not understand anything, but a great artist has shown his interest in music.

When he reveals his interest in this area. So his parents bought him a piano and he started taking piano lessons. This step changed his life. His family members were very happy to see that he was a very talented child.

Iruma married his girlfriend Seung Hye-in. Seung Hye-Im is also a well-known personality in South Korea. She has been honored with the Miss Korea award. Yiruma’s wife is also a musician. And when they met later, Yiruma discovered that she was also a musician, and he was very happy about that.

Like Irumas, Kingfish and Corede Bello, they survive to old age with many problems. Today they are the richest singers and musicians in the world.

How much does Iruma cost?

In 2002 he received an invitation to MIDEM, the world’s most famous music event for keyboard professionals. There he intelligently presented all the classical songs as well as his own creations. He had the honor of being the sixth Korean singer invited to this world music event.

Iiruma’s net worth: $4 million.

Music is very famous in his country, South Korea. Therefore, his parents were delighted with his interest in the vast field of music.

He got his participation in this event for the announcement of his first music album in 2001, and after that he became a big, big piano star. During this journey, he gained more and more admirers.

In 2003, Yiruma released her third album, titled From the Yellow Room. And later, in 2005, he released his 4th compilation, titled PoeMusic. In 2006, he created a major project.

He published his 5th collection entitled “H.I.S. Monologue: One-Day Diary of September 19”. Later he began to use higher and higher musical contours. At the time of this work, he was a great musician.

How much did Iruma earn over the course of his career?

During his college years, he published his first collection, titled “The Love Scene.” He was highly motivated by his teachers. And they were all very happy to see his great talent. As early as high school, he began touring all over Europe. He worked hard to become a popular man.

In 1988 he went to London, where he took music lessons. When he turned 18, he was selected as one of the singers to be included in the school’s collections under the name Musicians of Purcell.

In 1997 he graduated and began taking regular piano lessons. Recently, he was granted British citizenship. Then he began to write his own musical lyrics. He is working hard to gain popularity in this field.

In 2006, he wanted to join the Korean Navy. So he gave up his British citizenship to serve in the army. After finishing his military service, he completed a unique “Yiruma Comeback Tour.”

In 2009, he worked as a DJ. And in 2010, he signed with Sony Music, which means he signed with Stomp Music.

In 2016, Yiruma began her journey across the United States under the name Spring Rain Live. Her musicology is said to be a blend of contemporary standards and contemporary music. In 2017, her latest music compilation titled “Frame” was released.

These are the secrets that made Iruma a rich man.

If you’re really a fan of the richest musicians, you should also read about John P. K. and Adekunle Gold.

Frequently asked questions

He has a child named Lee Run.

Yiruma is known as a successful singer and musician.

He is now 41 years old. Yiruma was born on February 15, 1978.

Haeim’s son is Iruma’s friend.

In April 2007, Iruma married his girlfriend, Seung Hye-im,

Frequently asked questions

How much does Iruma cost?

Biography of Yiruma, age, height, wife, wealth, family

How much money does Iruma make?

Iruma’s Net Worth – How much does Iruma earn? Popular

Why is Iruma so popular?

이루마 (Yiruma) is known in Asia, Europe and North America for his romantic and catchy melodic lines. … Some of his popular works can be found on YouTube, including “River Flows In You,” “Kiss The Rain,” “Maybe” and “When The Love Falls,” all melodies that many people are familiar with.

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